WBCS Main Exam 2019 Exclusive Crash Course

WBCS Main Exam 2019 Exclusive Crash Course

The Course:

Last date of admission is 20 January 2019 & Class starts 3rd February.

We are starting crash course WBCS Main 2019 ( short term course till main exam) for WBCS Main Exam 2019 just after Preliminary Exam 2019. It includes well defined and enriched studymat (comparable to UPSC level), it includes Mock Tests for WBCS Main 2019 etc.

If you qualify in main exam in 2019 you will also be given free Interview Training for 2019.

The course will be guided by WBCS Group A officers or previous toppers.

So, please do not waste time, join us now for passing WBCS Exam in 2019 itself.

(NB: When you are not sure about the cut off vis-s-vis your score, don’t worry. Preapare for Main exam, it will be best strategy for you .See, you will not know your status till the result is out and if you wait till result, by that time you will loose great amount of time which is not recoverable. And if you do not qualify for main exam (as you know after the result), the preparation will help you in future too.

Course fee is Rs 20000/- until Main exam 2019.

For Newcomers:

Are a new comer in this field ?, let me tell you, WBCS is not just a job, it is a service. It is most prestigious service in West Bengal.If you have the confidence in yourself, try it, persue it with great passion , determination, perseverance and also patience.

If you have tried a few times but somehow could not clear it, don’t take tension. Start afresh, we are with you. Just don’t be Ph.D. in failing in this exam with that old formulae and talking to failed candidates.

See, this exam has variety of subjects, topics etc. and you have to study each and everything important. You just cannot leave a few chapters unattended like you did in graduation or masters. You have to work hard, it is not so easy an exam though.

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You can join our Mock test series for Main Exam 2019 too which is available in online and offline mode.

To join call us at 9674493673 or mail us at mailus@wbcsmadeeasy.in.

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