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 WBCS Mock Test Mains 2018

WBCS Mock Test Mains 2018


Students, the preliminary exam of WBCS 2018 is nearing and scheduled to be held on 28.01.2018. You guys must be thinking of the cut off marks right now. See, it is too early to say about cut off marks just now as it depends on many factors like number of vacancies, the quality of candidates in a particular year etc. However 55%+ is good score for prelims. We have just started WBCS Mock Test Prelims 2018 for you. Mock Test for Main 2018 just started from 18.02.2018 as per schedule below. It will not be a best strategy to wait for the notification of WBCS Prelims 2018 to come and then decide. Because then there will be only approximately few days left for prelims exam. So start early.

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The Course:

The WBCS Mock Test Mains 2018 will consist of two separate modules.

  1. Five sets of each six compulsory papers (includes only Bengali as 1st language), totaling thirty (30) tests. Course Fee Rs 3499.
  2. Two sets of each papers of selected optional subjects of WBCS Main exam, totaling four (4) tests. Course Fee Rs 999.
  3. For Full course 30 compulsory papers with Bengali as first language and optionals from selected list as available below = Rs 4498.


Tests will be online (for descriptive papers, send scanned copy of evaluation) and in our classroom at Garia Bus Stand/ 4 point Crossing (Kolkata) , every Sunday 12 noon to 2 pm, starting with Bengali,English,GSI etc. There will be 5 cycles of 6 papers (including Bengali).

Join our online WBCS Mock Test Mains 2018 programme NOW!. One needs to send the filled up form, attached with photo and pay fees in cash / money transfer/DD etc. You can fill up the form online and pay the fees online too. After that you will be given a link to attempt the test online with your username and password and after you “submit” the paper you can see the score. You download question and answer papers as per schedule which you can do your username and password. (For evaluation of descriptive papers, you need to send it to us, hard copy or scanned copy).

The Course:

Sample WBCS Main Mock Test Compulsory Paper Bengali is available here.

Sample WBCS Main Mock Test Compulsory Paper English is available here.

Here is how the ONLINE mock test will happen through your own generated username and password.

Tentative Schedule of Mock Test Main 2018

1..Payment Option For WBCS Main Mock Test 2018 Compulsory Papers (Including Bengali as first language)

2. .Payment Option For WBCS Main Mock Test 2018 Optional Papers (From selected list – History, Geography, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, Political Science,Bengali Literature, English Literature)

3.Payment Option For WBCS Main Full Mock Test 2018 Compulsory Papers (Including Bengali as first language) + Optional Papers from the above stated list.

After payment Fill up the form by clicking this link:

WBCS Main 2018 Mock Test Enrollment Form.

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Then send it to us by courier (preferable) or speed post.
8/1E Naktala Road,
Kolkata 700047
Ph no 9674493673.

To join call us at 9674493673 or mail us at

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