How To Prepare For W.B.C.S Exam In Money Crunch

How To Prepare For W.B.C.S Exam In Money Crunch
How To Prepare For W.B.C.S Exam In Money Crunch

How To Prepare For W.B.C.S Exam In Money Crunch

Study at home

It is advised to make your room as the best place to study and work hard in the comfort of your home. The one and only responsibility of the W.B.C.S aspirant at home is to study well. Moreover, all the moral support which is needed during this stressful W.B.C.S syllabus preparation is available from family and friends in the hometown.Continue Reading How To Prepare For W.B.C.S Exam In Money Crunch.

Go digital in all forms

E- Learning is a blessing for all the students. Going online for all your queries and problems should be your priority and maintained digital notes should also be adapted to long term learning. For this type of learning all you need are a good laptop or tablet and an average speed internet connection. Ever note, e-notes and easy notes are some few platforms that should be vividly used by students to comprehensively consolidate the study material and make crisp notes.

There is no specific prerequisite for starting the WBCS preparation, but one must be familiar and well informed about the content and the syllabus to cover. Also the previous years question papers must be followed to get a vivid idea about the types of questions asked.This will help you understand the subjects better and hence reducing your mental burden.

Newspaper: cheapest and most effective source 

The most frequently asked questions during the self-study is how to arrange the vast, expensive study material both notes and books. To this question, it is suggestive to prefer newspapers and the government magazines which are a cheap and efficient source and get in the habit of reading on your laptop as much as possible. The newspaper is available in every corner of the country and hence maintains a level playing field for all students preparing from anywhere in the country.

Buy only NCERTS or standard books

To move in the right direction, you can select a standard book for each topic or subject rather than referring to multiple books for each topic. This will not only save your time but will help you get the right guidance. Although many books are available online in pdf format, still if the student has to buy then they should invest on NCERTs and one standard for core social science subjects like Laxmikant for Indian polity, D.R Kullar for Indian geography, Dutt and Sundaram for the Indian economy. If the students are comfortable to read digitally than even NCERTS are available on the e-pathshala platform.

Online portals should be the priority platform

WBCS aspirants can opt for online coaching which is usually cheaper than going all the way to a new city to take coaching. A good postal course, study material and a comprehensive test series all can be adapted as per the time and nature of preparation permits.

There are also several YouTube channels, important websites and lecture series which are free of cost available to the students, which can be easily availed by the WBCS aspirants. Every student has their unique strengths and weaknesses and hence students should select they’re the course which is suited to them rather than blindly going with the crowd to a coaching centre. In a nutshell, an aspirant is himself the creator of his/her wbcs Preparation on online stage.

Make a good study group

Find people who are in your situation or in your organisation with them to utilise that time for discussion and you will have time to chill with friends who are serious about the WBCS exam.

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To make it easy on your own on the eve of an examination, making notes of the topics is undoubtedly a wise move. This will solve two purposes- one, it will give you an insight on the topics as you’ll go through the syllabus and two, it will save a good amount of time during the exam as you’ll not have to refer again and again to the same thing.


WBCS aspirants should definitely adopt self-study methods if they are preparing for WBCS exam with limited monetary resources. While doing self study students should manage your time effectively, be disciplined, do selective reading, take mock, tests, have a good mix of books and self-made notes, make short notes and mind maps on a regular basis, use memory techniques that speed up your learning and most importantly believe that they can do it with limited money.

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