Some Useful Time Management Tips For W.B.C.S Aspirants

Some Useful Time Management Tips For W.B.C.S Aspirants
Some Useful Time Management Tips For W.B.C.S Aspirants

Some Useful Time Management Tips For W.B.C.S Aspirants

While, most of the candidates, who being their W.B.C.S preparation are well aware of the importance that time management holds for cracking this much-coveted exam, not many are able to master it. Even if you ask the toppers from last few years, they will share with you that time management was the trickiest part of W.B.C.S preparation strategy and it was the one differentiating factor that helped the cross the metaphoric ‘final line’ as far as civil services exams are concerned.Continue Reading Some Useful Time Management Tips For W.B.C.S Aspirants.

Despite being one of the most important pillars in the WBCS success, not many aspirants are able to build an effective time management strategy for their WBCS preparation. This is primarily because of the extensive and ever-growing nature of the WBCS syllabus along with the inability of the aspirants to identify the right techniques to build a creative time schedule that meets all the challenges in this field. Below, we shall discuss a few proven techniques of time management for W.B.C.S aspirants, with the help of which they can climb the ladder of success by cracking one of the toughest entrance exams on the planet.

1.Create a Goal Based Time Table

The majority of WBCS aspirants are known to create their daily timetable that accounts for every minute and every second of their day. While this may look like a very good move initially, but keeping up with such a strict timetable with account of every minute may prove to be very difficult for many. With no wiggle room for any emergency or accidental incidents, such timetables are often thrown out of gear very soon. Therefore, instead of opting for such a strict time-based schedule, try to manage your time in terms of goals you need to fulfill during a day, week and a month. Doing so will prove to be very fruitful as you will have the flexibility to manage your time in a way as the day, week or month progresses. It will also help you to study better rather than just ensuring that you are sitting in front of a book for a dedicated amount of time. However, in order to make such a timetable work, aspirants needs to be extremely committed to their goals and ensure that they achieve them despite all emergencies.

2.Build Short & Realistic Goals

Many students while building a creative timetable for the WBCS preparation process often overestimate their potential and include tough timelines and topics to be covered within a short time span. This leads to a lot of stress and majority time of aspirants are spent in memorizing data and information from the allotted study time instead of trying to develop a deeper understanding and conceptual clarity about the topics. To avoid this, students should opt to build very realistic goals that are not only easy to achieve but also allows enough time to the aspirant to study it thoroughly so that they can recall it during the final exam. Another efficient time management strategy as far as studying is concerned is of breaking larger topics into small subtopics which are digestible within the study time allotted for their completion.

3. Organize your Study Time

One of the key reasons that WBCS aspirants suffer from time crunch is the poor organization of their study time. No amount of time would be enough to cover the vast syllabus of WBCS exams, until and unless you adopt an organized approach to your studies. Therefore, in addition to pointing out what you are going to study and when you are going to study, aspirants should also consider how are they going to study the pre-decided topics. Like discussed before, set realistic goals for your study hours and ensure that you are mentally and physically ready for the challenge. Arrange for all the study materials and reference books you will need during your study hours, don’t let that eat into your study time.Previous years question papers are a must read while preparing for W.B.C.S Exam.

4. Know when to give up!

Many WBCS aspirants often detail stories about how they got stuck on a particular topic or subject for days and ended up compromising on study time for other topics for subjects. To avoid such situations, it is important to know when to give up! If you are unable to complete the selected topic within the stipulated timeframe, it is most likely that you are experiencing a block and allotting more time to the cause will not yield any fruitful results. Instead, pick another topic and try revisiting the pending topic again with a fresh approach and some guidance from seniors, mentors or teachers.

5. Take Time Off

This may sound like the worst advice to give to any WBCS aspirant, but is one of the most important ones that you should consider very seriously. Taking time off from your study schedule is very important not only to maintain a healthy balance in your lifestyle but also ensure that your mind has enough time available to process the data and topics you have been studying. Creating a well-balanced timetable that focuses upon study as well as other aspects like physical activity, entertainment, and socialization; is very important for any WBCS aspirant. Taking Time Off from studies will also help in easing the stress and relieving anxiety that you face as part of your WBCS preparation process.

6. Stick to the Plan

When you are a WBCS aspirant, every other person will have advice and tips to help you in your preparation process. Many people fall in the trap of blindly following seniors, mentors, and even peers as far as their time management and WBCS preparation strategy is concerned. While it is important to be open to new ideas, belief in your plan and strategy is also equally important. Frequent changes to your study plan would only lead to wastage of time and energy and you will have to start your preparation from scratch again to suit the needs of the new plan. Therefore, it is important to focus on your own priorities and decide a plan that meets all your goals. If in case you feel that your plan is not working after following it for a minimum of 4 weeks, and then you can think about making minor changes to it.


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