Some Useful Websites For W.B.C.S Preparation

Some Useful Websites For W.B.C.S Preparation
Some Useful Websites For W.B.C.S Preparation

Some Useful Websites For W.B.C.S Preparation

W.B.C.S preparation requires both offline and online study. E-Learning is the greatest information revolution in today’s education and online information database is updated continuously hence present a great opportunity for learning for W.B.C.S aspirants.Continue Reading Some Useful Websites For W.B.C.S Preparation.

Although online education has its limitations but the advantages associated with the internet are still unmatched.When it comes to W.B.C.S preparation, the quality of what you read is just as important a factor as how much you read. Since the Internet has become a major source of information, it is also convenient to get your study material from here instead of stacking up books.

Websites for Daily Updates

1.  Listen to All India Radio news updates of 9 pm every day and also refer to the debate discussions on the Sunday broadcast. Try to make notes from the news analysis section of the website.

2.  The Press Information bureau of India to well known to provide first-hand information on all latest government ministry updates like the launching of any new scheme and also some landmark decision of the Supreme Court.

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3.  The press trust of India provides very important one liner information that is vital to be noted down for WBCS Prelims. The updates on who, what, when and where can be easily extracted from here.

4.  This website is great to read all the editorials and opinion articles at one place. Select a topic that needs to be analysed and search the relevant The Hindu’s article on that topic. This provides a progressive study on an issue.

5.  Read the columns of good economists on latest economic policy. Specifically, study the details on economic Survey and activities of RBI.

6.  Make notes on all latest passed, pending and lapsed parliamentary bills from here. Also, refer to quarterly review report on Government acts after each parliamentary session.

7.  View this website to keep a track on latest PMO visits and MOU’s signed by the Government of India.

8.  Read all latest editions and archives of Yojana and Kurukshetra magazine.

9.  This website to useful to make notes on all the social and economic welfare schemes launched in India. This is a one-stop destination to study objectives of all major welfare programmes of Government of India.

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Study Material Related

It is advisable to refer to only standard sources whenever an aspirant needs to study any government policy or scheme.

10.  Read and make notes from the PDFs of NCERTs from class 6th to class 12th from this website.

11.  Download and read only the relevant study material on the environment, history, polity etc from here. This website can be very helpful for value addition in your optional study material.


The Internet is like an ocean of information, and it can be confusing for WBCS aspirants to decide what to read. Finding the correct website destination for WBCS Preparation becomes a tricky task in itself. An aspirant should bookmark all websites listed above for better study and more material.Previous years question papers are a must read when it comes to W.B.C.S Preparation.

Although e- platforms are very handy and easy to grasp but they are also the biggest time stealer of WBCS aspirants. Hence, it is important to prepare a list of a few good websites, magazines and channels for WBCS preparation beforehand.

The most vital thing to remember is that the best WBCS preparation requires both offline and online study. Pick websites for better-consolidated learning but do not compromise on the reading the Hindu or The Indian Express. Many websites will boast of providing a synopsis and alternative of paper, but there is no substitute for newspaper reading.


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