Ways To Beat Stress During W.B.C.S Preparation

Ways To Beat Stress During W.B.C.S Preparation
Ways To Beat Stress During W.B.C.S Preparation

Ways To Beat Stress During W.B.C.S Preparation

STRESS is one such challenge that needs to be tackled by students preparing for W.B.C.S exams on a daily basis. In addition to the cut-throat competition, the extensive and vast syllabus of WBCS Exam literally requires you to know everything under the sun be it for subjects or general studies topics.Continue Reading Ways To Beat Stress During W.B.C.S Preparation.

1. Be Physically Active

Preparing for WBCS exams can be a cumbersome task with strict timelines and study schedule extending into hours. However, while planning your Daily WBCS timetable most of the candidates forget to include time for some physical activity. Being physically active not only stimulates the body, but also the mind, helping W.B.C.S aspirants to study faster and better.

Although, be wary of tiring yourself out so much that you feeling fatigued during study hours. Indulge into light exercises or a brisk walk/jog early in the morning for a few minutes, followed by Yoga and meditation. Physical exercise will keep you active and stimulated through the day, increasing your alertness and brain potential. Meditation will help you relax and get ready for the tough schedule ahead while Yoga has been universally known to help people de-stress and fight anxiety as well as depression.

2. Balanced Diet

As the old proverb goes ‘you are what you eat’; this holds even more true for WBCS aspirants as they have to deal with the several challenges at the same time. A balanced diet goes a long way in helping you cope with the pressure of WBCS preparation while keeping you healthy and physically fit. Being healthy and free from any illness will keep the additional stress away while helping you deal with your tough timelines.

3. Avoid Stimulants

One of the first things that WBCS aspirants pick up in order de-stress are the numerous external stimulants. They can be something as simple as frequent tea/coffee breaks or more serious ones like a cigarette after every 2 hours. Although many aspiring WBCS candidates vouch for the effectiveness of such items, the fact is it indulging into them leads to wastage of time and health complications.

4. Take out Time for Entertainment

All work and no play don’t get any work done! Focusing only on your study schedule and WBCS exam syllabus and previous years question papers, will not work in your favour. Continuous pounding of facts, figures, concepts and data will only wear your brain further down. To avoid doing do, try to take some time out for entertainment activities that you enjoy. It can be something as simple as listening to your favourite songs, gazals or taking a stroll with a friend at a nearby park.

The important thing here is to keep your mind away from books and your study goals. This will not only help your brain cool down but when you begin studying again you will be able to do so with a fresh zeal and approach.

5. Develop / Keep a Hobby

The world of WBCS exam prep is a vast one and most of the aspirants often lose their personality and lifestyle into it. While, it is important to devote yourself fully into your WBCS study, but it is also equally important to maintain a personal life and keeping a hobby will help you do so. Maintaining a hobby will not only ease your stress but also give you break from your strenuous study schedule and indulge in something you like.

You can opt for something very simple as regularly listening to informative podcasts or radio, writing a Blog to document your day, painting or even cooking. Try to use your hobby to reward yourself for completing your daily goals; it will inspire you to do so repeatedly.

6. Rest & Sleep well

This is pretty much self-explanatory! At the end of the day, your mind and body are vulnerable and prone to wear and tear; both physical and mental. Following a strict regime for WBCS studies can take its toll on your body and, therefore, it is important to devote some time to help the body cope with this challenge. Try to take small breaks to help you relax and rest through the day. Also, ensure that you get minimum 8 hours of sleep, which is necessary for any adult individual.

7. Be Positive and Confident

None of the aforementioned points will help you beat stress if you are not positive and confident about that path you have charted out for WBCS preparation. The most important thing for an WBCS aspirant to do is to believe in their preparation plan and follow it rigorously. Being positive and believing in yourself will not only build your confidence but also help in the preparation process by clearing out any other irrelevant thoughts from your mind.

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