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Interview with Nayana De WBCS (Exe.) 2014 Rank 5

Interview with toppers in the WBCS (Exe.) etc Exam, what they say about this exam.

Interview with Nayana De WBCS (Exe.) 2014 Rank 5

Postby admin » Sat Nov 05, 2016 11:14 am

WBCSMadeEasy: When and how did the inspiration and idea of joining civil service come in your mind?

Nayana De: Idea of joining civil service came into my mind while I was in 4th year of my undergraduate study.many of my seniors are in civil service..they encouraged me.their versatile and multidimensional works influenced me very much.

WBCSMadeEasy: Tell something about yourself? Educational Qualification, Marks/Division/Class, schooling?..

Nayana De: I have passed Madhyamik examination in 2006 and rank 50 in West Bengal .in 2008 I got rank in medical entrance examination and choose to join veterinary education.
I have done graduation in veterinary science.then got the job of veterinary officer under west bengal government.simultaneously I prepared me for wbcs exam.I cracked wbcs examination in my 1st attempt in 2014 and got 5th position in wbcs (exe).

WBCSMadeEasy: What factors did you consider before selecting your optionals? What were they?

Nayana De: My optional subject was veterinary and animal husbandry.its quite natural for me to select this as I am from veterinary background.
I think for selecting optional one should keep in his mind these points:
1.scoring subject
2.subject which one can easily understand on basis of his capacity.
3.graphical and tabulated answer forms.
4.consider last 10years questions

WBCSMadeEasy: How did you sustain the study-momentum throughout the year?

Nayana De: I have studied for 4- 6 months ..but I was fully involved in study then..but one who choose an optional which is new for him..have to study more.

WBCSMadeEasy: How many hours did you study per day? How many months did it take you to complete the core syllabus of Compulsory and optional subjects?

Nayana De: I have studied for 5 hrs maximum initially but last 2 months 6 to 8 hrs.as optional subject was my own subject of graduation so I gave maximum attention on compulsory subjects.
I think quality study is required here
.how long u studied is not a big matter..proper guidance and to the point study is required.

WBCSMadeEasy: Did u use internet, was it effective?

Nayana De: Yes.internet is very important for preparing current affairs and gk mainly.

WBCSMadeEasy: Which newspapers & magazines you went through?

Nayana De: The Hindu,Pratiyogita Darpan..Poroprekhit.Pesa probesh.

WBCSMadeEasy: Did u take coaching? How was the experience?

Nayana De: No.I didn't take any coaching for preparing wbcs.

WBCSMadeEasy What about Interview in WBCS? Was the board cordial? What should be a proper preparation?

Nayana De: Interview board was very much cordial and homely..it was like a discussion..
One should be very honest for interview..integrity is required.he should be honest while giving answers..and should make his mind cool and comfort in interview table..one should behave natural not any pseudo behave he should do..

WBCSMadeEasy: Plz suggest some good books for pre, comp, optional.

Nayana De: history- Jibon Mukhopadhya. Bipan Chandra.
Geography - Kartik Chandra Mandal. Majid Hussain.
Constitution- oriental.Torun Goyal. D D Basu.
Economics- Ramesh Sing. Torun Goyal. Sanjib Varma
10 years questions .
Science - Pratiyogita Darpan special issues..madhyamik stadard books.physical sc. by Sukhendu Maity. Life sc. by Santra.
Math- madhyamik standard books.

WBCSMadeEasy: What should be the strategy for cracking this exam?What message you want to give to all aspirants?

Nayana De: Strategy is very simple..you have to take it into your mind that you can crack it..1st follow a proper guideline from achievers. Then prepare a new schedules for you by yourself..not by others.cause only you know better which is your weak point.and indulge your self fully in studies..make your mind fit for becoming an administrator..be confident..

WBCSMadeEasy: Is our website http://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in helpful for future candidates?

Nayana De: Yes this website is helpful for making plan for aspirants..

WBCSMadeEasy: Was it ur 1st attempt? If not what about previous ones?

Nayana De: yes it was my 1st attempt.wbcs (exe) 2014 batch .rank- 5th.

We thank Ms Nayana De for sharing her thoughts.
With warm regards,
WBCSMadeEasy Team

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