What Is Happiness And What Are The Ways To Achieve Happiness

What Is Happiness And What Are The Ways To Achieve Happiness
What Is Happiness And What Are The Ways To Achieve Happiness

What Is Happiness And What Are The Ways To Achieve Happiness

What is happiness?

Happiness is the state of being well. Here ‘being well’ means that state in which the positive mental faculties of an individual are dominant over the negative ones. Happiness in this context encompasses the whole body, mind and the soul of an individual although this state of being happy is to a large extent being controlled by the mind of that particular individual. In this way, happiness is a state of mind.Continue Reading What Is Happiness And What Are The Ways To Achieve Happiness.
As happiness is an abstract concept so, it emerges in a particular individual’s mind and it enriches his/her whole person. Thus happiness as a state of mind is desirable for the entire world being as nobody in this world wants to remain unhappy. Happy state of mind therefore is more valuable then pomp and gaiety in life.


Thoughts are energy or better call it metaphysical energy. The energy coming from thoughts is vibrations. Positive thoughts have higher vibrations and are stronger than the negative energy which has lower vibrations. Thus, positive consciousness with positive thought is necessary to have a cool and calm mind.


At times, the Meditation proves to be a very eminent instrument for long lasting happiness. It is during the meditation when the person is able to self-introspect himself and hence serves as a source of Internal Discourse and self-communication. Therefore it helps a man to experience joy, bliss, purity, peace and happiness.


Accepting situations calmly is not resignation. It requires knowledge of the real nature of this world and all that is happening in it. This world is like a VAST STAGE upon which all of us are actors playing our various parts. Unless we learn to look at this world and our and other’s actions as SPECTATORS and watches a drama, we wouldn’t get affected so much by events in the world and in our lives.


Being aware of the fact that we all are souls and if we start practicing that we being souls are detached from our body can help us enjoy what is happening around us. Moreover, to be happy keep in mind the LAW OF KARMA. This LAW OF KARMA is accurate and inviolable. If we remember this we will be spared brooding over or getting agitated about what we consider misfortune or injustice – both of which we realize are results of our own actions.


Worrying has become the second nature to humans today. The biggest cause of worry is fear of untimely death. But if we realize that whether we live or die is not going to make any difference to the fortune of any other soul because fortune is the product of each soul’s past actions and it cannot be made or unmade by others. Hence, always realize “for every minute you are angry,you are losing sixty seconds of happiness’. Without searching for happiness outside, realize it within you. This is vividly expressed in following lines- “Happiness lies in your own backyard, but it’s probably well hidden by crabgrass”
So, do figure out what all come in your way which make you unhappy and do remember-

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hopes”

Andrew Carnegie

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