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  • Bio-Energy Cycle – Geography Notes – For W.B.C.S Examination.
    Posted on June 7th, 2019 in Geography

    Bio-Energy Cycle – Geography Notes – For W.B.C.S Examination.

    What is bioenergy exactly? 

    The cycle all starts from biomass.  Biomass is biological material from plants and animals.  Major sources of biomass include wood, recycled wood products,  garbage, waste, and landfill gases.  Biomass is then processed into biofuels.  Once biomass is processed into biofuels, the biofuels are then distributed for use.  When combusted, biofuel produces bioenergy.Continue Reading Bio-Energy Cycle – Geography Notes – For W.B.C.S Examination.

    Why bioenergy? 

      Fossil fuels, the main fuel source of today, are created from microorganisms that have been out of the cycle for billions of years.  When fossils fuels are combusted, carbon dioxide is added to the cycle and raise carbon dioxide levels.  This increases the threat of global warming which leads to loss of habitats for animals, global temperature fluctuations, and human diseases such as skin cancer. 

         As you can see from the diagram above, using biofuels do not add any carbon dioxide to the natural cycle of green house gases.  Instead plants take carbon dioxide from the environment.  Now, once the plants are used for fuel, the same amount of carbon dioxide is returned into the environment.  This does not raise nor lower carbon dioxide emission levels, and doesn’t disrupt the natural balance.  

    Where does the energy come from?

    Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only changed into different forms    this is the theory of conservation of energy.  When the sun’s light and thermal energy reach earth they are absorbed into the atmosphere, earth and all surroundings.  The sun warms the air and the earth and brings life into our environment.  It also serves as the base of all living things.  

    Every organism receives energy from the sun.

    Humans get energy by consuming plants or meat.  Predatory animals get energy by consuming smaller animals.  These animals get their energy from eating plants.

    Plants serve as nature’s solar energy converter.  They take in energy from the sun and change them into chemical energy through photosynthesis.  This is why burning wood releases thermal energy in the form of fire and how engines are powered by combusting oils.  These plant based materials contain energy from the sun which is released when it is burned.

    When a living organism dies, its material and energy return back to the earth to begin a new cycle.


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