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  • Strategy To Prepare  Statistics Optional – For IAS Mains Examination.
    Posted on January 20th, 2021 in Main Exam, Statistics, Strategy
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    Strategy To Prepare Statistics Optional – For IAS Mains Examination.

    Statistics is closely related to mathematics. It is in fact, a branch of mathematics dealing with data collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation.Continue Reading Strategy To Prepare Statistics Optional – For IAS Mains Examination.

    The chief difference between the two is that while mathematics has a lot of theoretical aspects (apart from the practical application), statistics is almost entirely an applied science.

    Statistics optional UPSC strategy
    1. The first step in your preparation should be to study the UPSC syllabus for statistics thoroughly.
    2. The second step should be to analyse the previous years’ question papers, at least papers of the past ten years should be looked at.
    3. When you analyse the papers,  you will come to know of the most important and repeated topics in the papers. In this optional, there are repeated topics and you must ensure to study those topics thoroughly.
    4. Make sure to practice questions very well. In statistics, much like its parent mathematics, sufficient practice is required to develop speed of answering questions. Practice will also ensure that you do not make any silly mistakes, which can prove costly.
    5. Even though test series are not readily available for the statistics optional, you must get enough exam-simulation before you face the real deal. For this, practice previous years’ UPSC statistics papers in a time-bound manner. This will ensure that you learn time management for the mains exam. Also, you will understand how to choose questions that you are going to answer. (In the optionals, out of 8 questions, you have to attempt questions 1 and 5 compulsorily, out of the remaining, you can choose three questions).
    6. Remember to write answers like a specialist in the optional papers. Your approach to answer-writing should be different for the general studies papers and for the optional subjects.
    7. Presentation is very important in the answer booklet. Underline or highlight the important words and concepts in your answers. Avoid strikes and cuttings. Draw tables or pictorial representations like graphs wherever relevant and possible.

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