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    It is always difficult to choose optional subject. But it is one of the most important decisions to take which may ultimately affect your chances to pass this exam in various groups. Don’t go by what your friends say. take an informed decision after doing SWOT analysis and background study and trend analysis. One subject may be suitable to one person, another is same for other person.So see our post How to Choose Optional Subject for WBCS Main Exam.

    Now, we offer CRASH COURSE for WBCS Main Exam 2019 on the following subjects (out of almost 40 subjects , provided by PSC WB): Psychology, Anthropology, History, Geography, Political science, Sociology, Economics and few more subjects.

    All notes are in English , as materials in English are always more enriched and medium of instruction is English too.

    Course fee:

    Crash course for WBCS Main 2020: Rs 7500 for six months, including notes and mock test.

    All available courses (click here for details).

    Our own publications are available at our webstore (click here).

    For Guidance of WBCS (Exe.) Etc. Preliminary , Main Exam and Interview, Study Mat, Mock Test, Guided by WBCS Gr A Officers , Online and Classroom, Call 9674493673, or mail us at –

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