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    We are a team of professionals who guide candidates like you for the WBCS(Exe.) Etc Exam at our institute “WBCA MADE EASY”. We think and believe that all candidates have merit, more or less of same amount. But they only fail/disqualify in the WBCS exam only due to absence of proper guidance. There are lot of books and notes available in the market. If one starts to study those books it will take 2-3 years for good preparation for an exam like WBCS as you know its services are of highest administrative nature in West Bengal. At the same time we also like to remind you that this exam is not ONLY for Scientists, Researchers , a general graduate can also take the exam and be a topper. And you need not to memorize your studies for 20 hours a day to qualify in this exam. Candidates should have sound basic knowledge and a good strategy for cracking this exam. Changed pattern of this exam has made it easier provided you know what to study and how to do it.

    We at our institute guide the student, take regular exam ( one for home work and another for improving skill for appearing or answering question in prelims, which has negative marking), give concise notes (from where the questions are generally asked and it consists of various notes, collections, xerox of various books, UPSC level notes etc.) and of course make strategy for students of diverse background ( since each student is different).We also motivate them continuously. There is also token award for topper in each exam at our institute.

    Here WBCS(A) officers / Experts provide guidance and only in weekends & in small batches of 20-25 in preliminary and 25-30 in main exam.

    After a full course here one may be able to take all related exams but we don’t take responsibility of that.

    Each year a good number of students pass this exam and other exams too from here with our expert guidance.

    You must also keep in mind that here we value more the teacher student relationship rather than doing BUSINESS. It is our passion and we love to see candidates become BDOs, CTOs, ADSRs, DSPs etc.

    If you value all these and submit to our teacher-officers, then you are most welcome.


    To join WBCS Prelims Main Interview Foundation Course 2022-23, Click here.

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