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    WBCS Prelims Mains Interview 2023 Fully Online

    Introduction (We call it Online Foundation Course) :

    We are a team of professionals who guide candidates like you for the WBCS (Exe.) Etc Exam at our institute “ WBCSMadeEasy™ “.We are now starting the course WBCS Prelims Mains Interview 2023. We think and believe that all candidates have merit, more or less of same amount. But they only fail/disqualify in the WBCS exam only due to absence of proper guidance.

    There are lot of books and notes available in the market. If one starts to study those books it will take 2-3 years for good preparation for an exam like WBCS as you know its services are of highest administrative nature in West Bengal. At the same time we also like to remind you that this exam is not ONLY for Scientists, Researchers or Labours. Candidates should have sound basic knowledge and a good strategy for cracking this exam. Changed pattern of this exam has made it easier provided you know what to study and how to do it.

    We at our institute guide the student, take regular exam (one type is for home work and another for improving skill for appearing or answering question in prelims, which has negative marking), give concise notes (from where the questions are generally asked) and of course make strategy for students of diverse background ( since each student is different).We also motivate them continuously.There is also token award for topper in each exam at our institute.

    Here only WBCS(A) officers provide guidance and only in weekends.

    The Course (WBCS Prelims Mains Interview 2023):JOIN US NOW!!!

    We will start next batch for WBCS Prelims Main Interview 2023 course for WBCS Preliminary exam, Main exam and Interview,  2023 exam, from February 2022 (Orientation on 20th February, Classes from 5th March 2022) , every Saturday & Sunday (exact timing / schedule will be announced later). Limited seats. Few seats left, you can still join us. It includes well defined and enriched studymat (comparable to UPSC level), it includes mock tests etc. The course will be guided by WBCS Group A officers or toppers and regular classes will be taken by expert teachers. The guidance will be provided till 2023 session. Studymat will be provided online though printed version is available with extra payment.

    Last Date of Admission is 10th December 2021 (with discount).

    And do not waste time making notes , because you may be working or have less time for preparation, this course comes handy. In WBCS Foundation Course we give study materials time to time as per our schedule.

    2023 সালের WBCS পরীক্ষার জন্য প্রথম অনলাইন ফাউন্ডেশন ব্যাচ এর ক্লাস শুরু হবে ফেব্রুয়ারি 2022 থেকে। ক্লাস প্রতি শনিবার/ রবিবার / weekend এ। Guided by WBCS Gr A Officers। এখনো সময় রয়েছে। যারা 2022 সালের মধ্যে graduation complete করছেন এবং WBCS 2023 এর সিরিয়াস পরীক্ষার্থী এবং আমাদের সাথে যুক্ত হতে চান তারা এখুনি যোগাযোগ করুন। ছাড় সহ ভর্তির শেষ তারিখ 10th December 2021 ।

    ❤️ প্রিলি, মেইন (Comp) , ইন্টারভিউ
    ❤️ শুধুমাত্র অনলাইনে লাইভ ক্লাস
    ❤️ শনিবার ও রবিবার ক্লাস
    ❤️ ১ বছরের কোর্স
    ❤️ কোর্স duration – ৩৫০ + ২৫০ = ৬০০ ঘণ্টা
    ❤️ WBCS Gr A অফিসার দ্বারা guidance (Classes by expert faculty)
    ❤️ 35 টা মক টেস্ট প্রিলিমিনারী
    ❤️ 30 টি মক টেস্ট মেইন
    ❤️ Assignment / home works
    ❤️ Online স্টাডি ম্যাটেরিয়ালস
    ❤️ Doubt clearing
    ❤️ Talk-to-Officer
    ❤️ দিল্লীর নামকরা IAS Inst. ফ্যাকাল্টির সময়ে সময়ে গাইডেন্স

    Special Notice: Covid restrictions will be adheared by us as will be announced by Honourable Govt.

    Click here for Terms & Conditions.

    Our infrastructure may be seen here: Click here for infrastructure.

     JOIN US NOW!!

    Remember, the thumb rule of WBCS Exam is, “Do not study five different books one time each, study one book five times. Have you ever thought what are the resources available to those candidates who take exam from distant areas and districts ? what materials do the study? Do they all have access to good books, written by foreign authors? No , they study simple books and pass this exam with flying colours.

    Since the age of WBCS exam has increased to 36 for Group A,B,C and 39 for Group D, (click here for details), don”t waste time , join us now.

    After a full course here one may be able to take all related exams but we don’t take responsibility of that.

    In 2019 we got 25 selections in Group A & B , In 2018 we got 20 selections in Group A & B ,In 2017 we got 23 selections in Group A & B Including 4th & 6th in Gr A & 1st in Gr B. 

    List of new/current students who were our students at any stage of exam and passed finally. Old students not considered, there are many.

    Unfortunately, as of now, we are present at Naktala (Head Office), Garia, College Street, Siliguri (College para) & Midnapur Town (Keranitola) , as our officers / teachers are so. We have also collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission Belur Vidyamandira from 2021 where they have outsourced theit WBCS Coaching to WBCS MADE EASY. Same is for Rahara Ramkrishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College. The distance of the place from your home may be short or long but you should always strive for quality. Any substandard guidance or guidance by persons who could not pass the exam even after attempting many times, of persons having very small knowledge about the pattern of the exam is dangerous. So, even if you need to travel a few hours more, you should go for good quality guidance. That is the reason people from many states go to Vellore for treatment. Personal contact with WBCS Group A Officers and regular feedback will do wonders for you. Even People from Siliguri ,Purulia, Bihar, Sundarban comes to us.

    Course fee is Rs. 29999 (with discount, without discount it is 34999)- One time pay.

    If you know more about weekend batches and our advantages , click here.

    All available courses (click here for details).

    Our own publications are available at our webstore (click here).

    For Guidance of WBCS (Exe.) Etc. Preliminary , Main Exam and Interview, Study Mat, Mock Test, Guided by WBCS Gr A Officers , Online and Classroom, Call 1800 572 9282 / 8274048710 / 9051834864/ 9674493673, or mail us at – mailus@wbcsmadeeasy.in

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    Here are some of the candid testimonials students gave: 

    The entire environment of the mock interview seemed to me real and effective .. .Board members were very cordial and cooperative. I learnt a lot from my mistakes which were pointed out and discussed by the experienced board members.It was very helpful for my upcoming personality test .- Milani Das (WBXS Exe. Rank 10 – WBCS 2019 Exam)

    Excellent coaching, providing guidance by experienced faculties. Quality and standard study materials given along with subject wise mock tests taken every week. Institute has deep surveillance over every student individually and regularly monitors their progress. Syllabus planning, progression plan, overall guidance are truly examination oriented. Last but not the least, their helpdesk is very much active and communication is advanced. – Pallab Mondal (Student)

    I take immense pleasure to announce that I have been a part of this institution’s free mock programme regarding West Bengal’s premium service in the administration section , known as WBCS. I convey my heartiest gratitude to respected Soumya Sir for offering such enriched guidance and standing beside students constantly. The sessions taken by sir himself and the sessions by honourable Shri Nurul Haque Sir ( IAS and Ex Chairman Wbpsc) are most enriching ones and gives proper guidance to students sitting at the furthest corner of the state and even outside the state also. The mock interview that I have given through online mode has helped me a lot to boost up my confidence. The best part is the ” Positive Approach ” that the institute has provided us at times. The sessions that are available at YouTube channel of the institute are also helpful and will be helpful for aspirants.Kunal Mukherjee (DSP Rank 4, WBCS Exam 2019)

    I am a fresher. I had no such ideas about WBCS. But WBCS Made Easy is a medium, from where I didn’t have just a good idea about this examination, but also I’m getting very good guidance.Their Study Matt, live classes, subject wise test, are those calculated steps, which can be a pleach an aspirant to his/her desired success.
    So, one thing can definitely be said, that WBCS Made Easy really help you to make the way easier for your success- Avijit Das (Student)

    One of the best coaching centre for WBCS with efficient mentors and faculties. WBCS Main exam programmes and Mock interviews were just remarkable and outstanding. –Rajnish Kr Yadav (WBCS Exe. Rank 4 , 2018)

    I appeared for the Free Mock Interview arranged by WBCS Made Easy under the leadership of Soumya Sir who has been the soul of this program. The Mock Interview was of the highest order, with a great panel and a nice ambience. I think it has been immensely helpful for me. THANK YOU SOUMYA SIR.- Amitava Ganguly (WBCS 2019 WB Revenue Service 4th)

    WbcsMadeEasy is no doubt a renowned institution for WBCS exam. The classes are excellent. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and articulate. Good curriculum and study materials. I should try my level best to fulfil my dreams. Thank you very much . – Sumana Chandra (Student)

    It is a good institution. All the classes are done by expert faculties. All the members of WBCSMadeEasy are cooperative. Teachers are very helpful and friendly. Tests are taken on weekly basis. In addition to that, there are also mock tests. Everything is well organized here- Somalika Aich (Student)

    WbcsMadeEasy is quite helpful for WBCS coaching.All the faculties are good and helpful. You could ask them any questions to clear your doubts. They will surely help you reach your goal. Moreover doubt clearing classes are held regularly. If you face any problem, they will certainly help you. Their test series is also good. Everything is well organized. Thank you. – Siddhartha Bhowmik (Student)

    Classes are well designed to cover the whole syllabus, weekly test helps to revise the subjects on a daily basis, teachers are approachable in case of any doubts.- Joy Mondal (Student)

    Classes are well designed to cover the whole syllabus, weekly test helps to revise the subjects on a daily basis, teachers are approachable in case of any doubts.- Angshuman Das (Student)

    WBCSMadeEasy is the good choice for the aspirants who are preparing for WBCS examination. Their educators are good and helpful. It maintains a routine based classes. Subject specific classes are held according to WBCS syllabus. It’s online mock test facilities help me a lot. – Bijoy Karmakar (Student).

    I got the guidance for my PT and appeared in the mock interview. I am satisfied with this platform.Mrinmoyee Chatterjee (WBCS Exe. Rank 12, 2019)

    I’m preparing wbcs exam from WBCSMadeEasy.The teachers are well experienced and friendly too. The weekly mock test helps gaining confidence and at the same time keep us students in pressure, so that we do well in future. It’s been a great experience after all.Rohit Sen (Student)

    A nice institute to depend upon…Had been a part of their mock interviews and the experience had been awesome.Akansksa Singh (WBCS 2019 Exam, W B Revenue Service Rank 1)

    THE Questions of the  WBCS mock test was really up to mark.. It helped a lot to enhance knowledge.. Undoubtedly a genuine institution to pursue the dream of WBCS.Sirshendu Dey (Student)

    Last few months I enrolled here as a wbcs aspirants. No doubt it is one of the greatest institute in Kolkata. Teacher’s are so helpful and they guide as according to our needs. I am really happy to part of this institute.Debjit Adak (Student)

    WBCSMadeEasy is one of the premier institute in Kolkata which provides high quality teaching-learning experiences targeting competitive examinations viz. WBCS (Exe). The educators are very cordial with immense expertise in their respective domains. Besides, the regular chapter-wise weekly mock tests, full length mock tests having quality questions not only give us a chance to assess ourselves regarding the respective topics but also extensively help us to get accustomed with real-time exam scenarios. Last but not the least, special classes arranged by the institute by renowned consultant psychologists, nationally proclaimed domain experts and our Mentor sir substantially help us to deal with psychological issues like performance anxiety, peer pressure, concentration issues etc. Being a student of WBCSMadeEasy, I feel privileged and bestow my deepest gratitude to the institute for giving me an opportunity to learn from top educators and experience an exceptional teaching-learning ecosystem.Arijeet Ghosh (Student).

    The classes are done by expert faculties.. All the members of WBCSMadeEasy are cooperative.. Their guidance is very helpful to be a Civil Servant.. Specially the doubt clearing session gives motivation to me.Ofsana Parvin (Student).

    Training was excellent with good interaction.
    Course was very practical and informative. Teachers are enthusiastic and always ready to clear doubts. The course helped me a lot to build confidence and gain valuable experience.- Arka Sengupta (Student).

    This institution provides an opportunity to succeed in ones goal to become a WBCS officer. Teachers provide excellent study material, explanation of the subject with individual interaction with the students. Management is very much helpful with individual care and concern about the students. Series of tests provided by the institution is very much helpful for the preparation of the subjects and revision of it. Overall very informative class and test series are provided by this institute. – Protyasa Chakraborty (Student)

    Great mock PT session arranged by WBCSmadeeasy. Excellent hospitality. Board members were cordial and the quality of questions were of highest quality. Sayantan Sen (WBCS Exe. 2019 17th)

    It is a very good coaching institute for WBCS exam.
    1. Guided by WBCS Group A officers and Experience teachers.
    2. Regular mock test and class.
    3. Personalised guidance and motivation.
    And many more…Surojit Halder (Mukundapur)

    It was a great experience studying here. Teachers are very helpful and help us in every possible manner . The quality of teaching is above the standard level and excellent. Teachers guide us in the right path that we should take for achieving our goal that is Becoming WBCS Officer or Cracking and Qualifying WBCS Examination with good Marks in both Prelims And Mains. The study material they provide is very helpful for studying and also the current affairs every Sunday. I would say if we want to Crack the WBCS exam then you should go to WBCS Made Easy Coaching Institution it’s the best for WBCS- Arghadeep Chattopadhyay (Student)

    All these comments are available in Google WBCS Review part (you can check it).

    “Hello, I’m Debalik Ganguly a marketeer by profession, currently employed with Medical Services as a marketing Communications Expert. Have been training with WBCS Made easy for quite some time now and the journey has been a fruitful one. Being a marketeer, it’s hard to manage time, but Soumya sir have made it  really easy with all the mock test, Study mats, routine, targets, progress sheet etc. The best part is,that this very institution & Soumya Sir has nullified any hindrance caused by distance through effective planning, coordination & management. I am confident enough, that I will be one of the top 10 ranking student in WBCS 2018 Exam”                                      —Debalik Ganguly, Kolkata ,Aspirant WBCS.
    (Here is his video testimonial Click here.)

    “….I would like to thank success team for the noble work they are doing and the coaching center provided me immense help and cooperation right from the starting days of this journey…”             –Avishek Sarkar, Gariahat, Cognizant Tech Soln, WBCS Successful Candidate.“Sir everything was perfect. The clarity required for the exam was stupendous. However just anxious whether studying the notes and the books mentioned will be sufficient to get 120 because I am planning to give more stress on Histort+GK+Polity+English+Maths nothing else..Because i want to study parallely for my Psychology optional”.

                                                               —Animesh Sen,  WBCS Aspirant

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