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  • English – Yearwise Questions – Precis Writing – W.B.C.S. Mains Examination.

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    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2019

    1. Write a precis of the following passage and add suitable title : 35 +

    5 = 40

    The chief record of Wordsworth’s College life is to be found in ‘The

    Prelude’. Wordworth did not distinguish himself as a scholar and if his

    life had any incidents, they were of that interior kind which rarely

    appear in biography, though they may be of controlling influence upon

    the life. Hes speaks of reading Shaucer, Spencer and Milton while at

    Cambridge but no reflection from them is visible in his earliest

    published poems. The greater part of his vacations was spent in his

    native Lake-Country, where he is only sister, Dorothy, was the

    companion of his rambles. She was a woman of large, natural

    endowment, chiefly of the respective kind and had march to do with

    the formation and tendency of the poet’s mind. It was she who called

    forth the shyer sensibilities of his nature and taught an originally harsh

    and austere imagination to surround itself with fancy and feeling, as

    the rock fringes itself with a sun-spray of ferns. Though the greater

    part of his life she continued to be a kind of poetical conscience to him.

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2018

    1. Write a precis of the following passage and add a suitable title :


    The balance of nature is a very elaborate and very delicate system of

    checks and counter-checks. It is continually being altered as climate

    change, as new organism evolve, as animals or plants permeate to

    new areas. But the alterations have in the past, for the most part, been

    slow, whereas with the arrival of civilized man, their speed has been

    multiplied manifold.

    Everywhere man is altering the balance of nature. He is facilitating the

    spread of plants and animals into new regions, sometimes

    deliberately, sometimes unconsciously. He is covering huge areas with

    new kinds of plants or with houses, factories, slag-heaps and other

    products of his civilization. He exterminates some spaces on a large

    scale, but favours the multiplication of others. In brief, he has done

    more in five thousand years to alter the biological aspects of the planet

    than has nature in five million. (145 words)

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2017

    1. Make a precis of the following passage and add a suitable title: 40

    Culture is a forbidding word. I have to use it, knowing of none better to

    describe the various beautiful and interesting objects which man have

    made in the past and handed down to us and which some of us are

    hoping to hand on. Many people despise them. They argue with force

    that cultural stuff takes up a great deal of room and time and better be


    Cultivated people are like drops in ocean. They mix easily and

    generally with other drops, for those exclusive days are over when

    cultivated people made only cultivated friends and became tongue-tied

    or terror-struck in the presence of anyone whose make-up was

    different from their own. Culture, thank goodness, is no longer a social

    asset, it can no longer be employed either as a barrier against the

    mob or as a ladder into the aristocracy.

    All the same we are a drop in the ocean. Few people share our

    enjoyment so far. Strictly between ourselves and keeping our limited

    circulation in mind, let up put our heads together and consider for a

    moment our special problem, our special blessings, our special woes.

    No one need listen us who does want to. We whisper in the corner of a

    world which is full of others’ noises and louder ones.

    Come closer, our problem, as I see it is what We have got worth

    passing on. What we have is (roughly speaking) a little knowledge

    about books, pictures, tunes, and a little skill in their interpretation.

    Seated beside our grass-fires and beneath our electric bulbs, we

    inherit a tradition which has lasted for about three thousand years.

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2016

    1. Make a precis of the following passage and add a suitable title. 40

    In reality, the soldier who is engaged in armed combat in a national

    war deliberately measures from day to day the sum of all degradation

    inflicted upon many by colonial oppression. The man of action has

    sometimes the exhausting impression that he must restore the whole

    of his people that he must bring every one of them up out of the pit

    and out of the shadows. He very often sees that his task is not only to

    hunt down the enemy forces but also to overcome the kernel of

    despair which has hardened in at the native’s being. The period of

    oppression is painful, but the conflict ; by reinstating the downtrodden,

    sets on foot a process of reintegration which is fertile and decisive in

    the extreme. A people’s victorious fight not only consecrates the

    triumph of its rights ; it also gives to that people consistence,

    coherence and homogeneity. For colonialism has not simply

    depersonalized the individual it has colonized; the depersonalization is

    equally felt in the collective sphere, on the level of social structures.

    The colonizes people find that they are reduced to a body of

    individuals who only find cohesion when in the presence of colonizing


    The fight carried on by a people for its liberation leads it, according the

    circumstances, either to refuse or else to explode the so-called truths

    which have been established in its consciousness by the colonial civil

    administration, by the military occupation, and by economic

    exploitation. Armed conflict alone can really drive out these falsehoods

    created in man which force into inferiority the liveliest minds among us

    and which, literally, mutilate us.

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2015

    1. Make a precis of the following passage and add a suitable title. 40

    I quite understand that food and the utensils to eat it out of are both

    needful to man. But where there is a “shortage of food, a parsimony in

    re gard to utensils also becomes necessary. To make the paraphernalia

    of our Education so expensive that Education itself becomes difficult of

    attain ment would be like squandering all one’s money in buying


    We in the East have had to arrive our own solution of the problem of

    life. We have, as far as possible, made our food and clothing unburden

    some; and this our very climate has taught us to do. We require

    openings in the walls more than the walls themselves. Light and air

    have more to do with our wearing apparel than the weavers’ loom. The

    sun makes for us the heat-producing factors which elsewhere are

    required from food-stuffs. All these natural advantages have molded

    our life to a particular shape, which I cannot believe it will be profitable

    to ignore in the case of our education.

    I do not seek to glorify poverty. But simplicity is of greater price than

    the appendages of luxury. The simplicity of which I speak is not merely

    the effect of a lack of superfluity : it is one of the signs of perfection.

    When this dawns on mankind, the unhealthy fog which now

    besmirches civilization will be lifted. It is for lack of this simplicity that

    the necessaries of life have become so rare and costly.

    Most things in the civilized world, such as eating and merry-making,

    education and culture, administration and litigation, occupy more than

    their legitimate space. Much of their burden is needless; and in

    bearing it civilized man may be showing great strength, but little skill.

    To the gods, viewing this from on high, it must seem like the

    floundering of a giant who has got out of his depth and knows not how

    to swim. (317 words)

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2014

    1. Make a precis of the following passage and add an appropriate title

    : 40

    Not a few of our troubles are the result of acting before thinking; we do

    our thinking afterwards – and too late. It would be difficult to reckon

    how many friendships have been broken up simply because one of the

    friends did not use his head. He ought to have known; he did not

    know, but he simply did not think; and what he did or said cannot be

    undone or unsaid. Afterwards we recall the matter and wonder why we

    were such fools; and then we get out and play the same fool trick for

    the thousand – and – first time. A little thinking might save a thousand

    useless regrets.

    It is a difficult lesson to learn, but it can be mastered. It will not be

    easy, but it can be done, and it will repay a thousand fold all the labour

    necessary for its accomplishment. To learn to think just before we

    speak, just before we act, is something which thousands never learn,

    and all their life time they regret the fact because of its inevitable

    consequences; and yet they might have learnt the lesson in early life

    and have saved themselves and their friends much necessary worry.

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