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  • Essay Composition On – National Solar Mission – For W.B.C.S. Examination.
    Posted on June 25th, 2020 in English Composition
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    Essay Composition On – National Solar Mission – For W.B.C.S. Examination.

    India is a tropical country where sunshine is available for longer hours per day and in great intensity. The daily average solar energy incident over India varies from 4 to 7 kWh/metre square with about 1500 – 2000 sunshine hours per year, depending upon location resulting in aggregate incident radiation of about 5000 trillion kWh/yr. This is too higher than the current total energy consumption. Hence solar energy has the potential to be a great source of future energy.Continue Reading Essay Composition On – National Solar Mission – For W.B.C.S. Examination.

    Initially in India, the focus on solar technologies was bordered on the social and rural segment. Some institutes like IIT’s, National Physical Laboratory focused on developing solar, thermal and photovoltaic (PV) technologies. PV technology was being promoted extensively to meet the challenge of providing electricity for rural telecom network, village electrification and electrification of the unmanned railway crossing.

    The Target for National Solar Mission

    It had a set a target of 20,000 MW of grid-connected solar power by 2022. It was revised in June 2015 to 1,00,000 MW by 2022.

    The 100 GW solar power capacity has been divided into:

    1. Rooftop solar electricity generation – 40 GW
    2. Large and Medium Scale grid-connected solar projects – 60 GW


    1. The total cost for up-gradation to 100 GW solar power capacity would be $ 94 Billion.
    2. Central Government is also planning to leverage bilateral and international donors, including green climate fund under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).
    3. Using the bundling mechanism with thermal power.
    4. Investments would come from large Public Sector undertakings.
    5. Funds would be generated from Independent Power Producers.

    Benefits of Using Solar Power

    1. Energy security
    2. Mitigation of adverse impacts due to Climate change
    3. Reduction in pollution and health benefits.
    4. Reduce dependence on fossil fuels that put a strain on foreign reserves and ecology.
    5. The solar manufacturing sector will get a boost
    6. Help in the creation of technology hubs for manufacturing
    7. Increased manufacturing capacity and installation are

    Some of the improvements required in the policy

    1. Locate projects near towns and village clusters so that there will be the uninterrupted power supply.
    2. Minimise transmission losses
    3. In the medium to long term minimise the need for new investments in transmission infrastructure.

    Government funding

    1. Government of India is providing Rs 15,050 crore as capital subsidy to promote solar capacity addition.
    2. This capital subsidy is for rooftop solar projects in various cities and towns, for viability gap funding based projects to be developed through the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and for decentralised generation through smaller projects.

    Achievements of the National Solar Mission

    1. To reduce the risks of solar power producers, Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) was established as a major procurement agency.
    2. Creation of larger projects to bring down capital investments in solar power generation projects through the development of integrated solar parks so as to provide infrastructure for solar power plants.
    3. Renewable energy corridor was also launched to develop a dedicated transmission grid for areas with an abundance of sunlight or wind to create solar and wind energy.
    4. Solar radiation monitoring stations were set up across India.

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