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  • Geography – Yearwise Questions – Resources And Industry – W.B.C.S. Mains Examination.
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    Geography – Yearwise Questions – Resources And Industry – W.B.C.S. Mains Examination.

    THE ANSWERS ARE MARKED IN BOLD.Continue Reading Geography – Yearwise Questions – Resources And Industry – W.B.C.S. Mains Examination.

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2019

    1. Bamboo, rags, rice bran are the main raw materials of industry
      (A) Chemical
      (B) Fertilizer
      (C) Cotton
      (D) Paper
    2. Jawaharlal Nehru Port is situated at about 14 kilometers south of city.
      (A) Chennai
      (B) Mumbai
      (C) Goa
      (D) Kolkata
    3. ‘Doordarshan’ is the broadcasting agency of _____
      (A) Prasar Bharati
      (B) Akash Vani
      (C) Gyan Bharati
      (D) National Film Development Corporation
      4. _____ is not a potential area for generation of geo-thermal energy.
      (A) Son valley
      (B) Damodar Valley
      (C) Western Ghats
      (D) None of the above
    4. Varanasi is an example of _____ city.
      (A) Defense
      (B) Administrative
      (C) Port
      (D) Eclecelestial
    5. Bundelkhand is famous for production of mineral
      (A) Diamond
      (B) Mica
      (C) Copper
      (D) Iron
      7. ____ is the largest producer of Mica.
      (A) Bihar
      (B) Jharkhand
      (C) Andhra Pradesh
      (D) Madhya Pradesh
      8. Copper is found in large quantity at ____
      (A) Durgapur
      (B) Ghatsila
      (C) Nagpur
      (D) Mayurbhanj
    6. ____ is not a SEZ of India.
      (all options are SEZ here)
      (A) Falta
      (B) Noida
      (C) Indore
      (D) Surat
    7. Salem is famous for production of ______ Iron ore.
      (A) Hematite
      (B) Magnetite
      (C) Limonite
      (D) Siderite
      11. India is the second largest producer of _____, after Zimbabwe.
      (A) Iron
      (B) Manganese
      (C) Zinc
      (D) Lead

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2017

    1. The city called the ‘Manchester of South India’ is
      (A) Sholapur
      (B) Coimbatore
      (C) Chennai
      2. Huge concentration of heavy engineering is found in
      (A) Mumbai – Pune area
      (B) Lucknow – Kanpur area
      (C) Asansol – Jamshedpur area
      (D) Asansol Kolkata area
    2. ‘Charnockite’ found in India is
      (A) an igneous rock
      (B) a sedimentary rock
      (C) a metamorphic rock
      (D) an alluvial deposit
      4. Tertiary coal beds are found in
      (A) Assam and Rajasthan
      (B) Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh
      (C) Maharashtra and Odisha
      (D) West Bengal and Bihar
    3. Which one of the following states does not have much mineral
      (A) Rajasthan
      (B) Bihar
      (C) Assam
      (D) Madhya Pradesh
      6. Bhilai Steel Plant was established in collaboration with
      (B) UK
      (A) Germany
      (C) USSR
      (D) USA
      7. Aeroplane manufacturing in India is done in
      (A) Kanpur
      (B) Bhopal
      (C) Nasik
      (D) Bengaluru
    4. The most important oil bearing state in India is
      (A) Gujarat (now)
      (B) Maharashtra
      (C) Assam
      (D) Andhra Pradesh
      9. Nepa newsprint factory is located in
      (A) Maharastra
      (B) Tamil Nadu
      (C) Himachal Pradesh
      (D) Madhya Pradesh
    5. Which one of the following is a free trade zone ?
      (A) Mumbai
      (B) Haldia
      (C) Kandla
      (D) Marmagaon

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2016

    1. Ramagiri gold field is situated in the states of
      (A) Karnataka
      (B) Tamil Nadu
      (C) Andhra Pradesh
      (D) Kerala
    2. An important pearl fishing centre in India is
      (Pearl City)
      (A) Kandia
      (B) Tuticorin (Thoothukudi)
      (C) Cochin
      (D) Nhava Sheva
    3. Uranium is mined at Jaduguda in
      (A) Rajasthan
      (B) Kerala
      (C) Jharkhand
      (D) Karnataka
      4. Which one of the following is not correctly matched ?
      (A) Karanpura coalfields – Jharkhand
      (B) Singareni coalfields – Madhya Pradesh
      (C) Raniganj coalfields – West Bengal
      (D) Talcher coalfields – Orissa

    5.The place famous for copper is
    (A) Khetri
    (B) Hazaribagh
    (C) Ranchi
    (D) Tarapur
    6. Which of the following is the main source of energy in India ?
    (A) Fuel wood
    (B) Nuclear energy
    (C) Coal
    (D) Solar
    7. Alwayee, Koyana and Korba is mainly known for
    (A) Thermal power station
    (B) Refineries
    (C) Hydel power station
    (D) Aluminium industry
    7. The largest petroleum refinery in India is (Jamnagar)
    (A) Mathura
    (B) Digboi
    (C) Koyali
    (D) Trombay

    1. Neyvelli thermal power station is located in
      (A) Uttar Pradesh
      (B) Madhya Pradesh
      (C) Tamil Nadu
      (D) Karnataka
      9. Idukki Thermal Power Station is in the state of
      (A) Tamil Nadu
      (B) Andhra Pradesh
      (C) Kerala
      (D) Karnataka
      10.The oldest atomic power station is
      (A) Kalpakkam
      (B) Tarapur
      (C) Narora
      (D) Kota
    2. The oldest oil well in India was dug at
      (A) Naharkatia
      (B) Ankleshwar
      (C) Moran
      (D) Digboi
      12. The city which is called ‘Cotton polis’ of India:
      (A) Kanpur
      (B) Ahmedabad
      (C) Mumbai
      (D) Coimbatore
    3. Which of the following is the Manchester of South India ?
      (A) Chennai
      (B) Tirunelveli
      (C) Perambur
      (D) Coimbatore
      14. Which is a ‘Foot Loose’ industry ?
      (A) Electronics
      (B) Leather
      (C) Paper
      (D) Cement
      15. The Indian Space Research Organisation is in :
      (A) Trivandrum
      (B) Bangalore
      (C) Thumba
      (D) Sriharikota
    4. The Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute is located at
      (A) Madras
      (B) Goa
      (C) Cochin
      (D) Kolkata
      17. Which one of the following shipyard centre is largest in India ?
      (A) Cochin Shipyard Ltd., Kochi
      (B) The Garden Reach Workshop, Kolkata
      (C) Hindustan Shipyard Ltd., Vishakhapatnam
      (D) The Mazgaon Dock, Mumbai

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2015

    1. Among the following countries, which one has the largest concentration
      of Railways?
      (a) India
      (b) South Africa
      (c) Egypt
      (d) Algeria
      2. About of the total iron ore production of India is from –
      (a) Jharkhand and Odisha
      (b) Karnataka and Odisha
      (e) Bihar and Madhya Pradesh
      (d) Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh
      3.Diamond Vines are located at –
      (a) Uttar Pradesh
      (b) Karnataka
      (c) Madhya Pradesh
      (d) Gujarat.
      4. The Rourkela Steel plant was built on the bank of the
      (a) Bhadra river
      (b) Brahmani river
      (e) Damodar river
      (d) Bhima river
      5.Consider the following statements –
      1. Textile industry is Labour intensive
      2. Textile industry is export oriented
      3. India exports more textile goods than China
      6.Which of the statements given above are correct ?
      (a) 1 & 2
      (b) 2 & 3
      (c) 1 & 3
      (d) All of the above
      6.Consider the following statements –
      1. India produced 8.5 million motor-cycles in 2009-10
      2. India is largest producer of motor-cycles
      3. India is the second largest exporter of passenger cars
      Which of the above statements are correct ?
      (a) 1 & 2
      (b) 2 & 3
      (c) 1 & 3
      (d) None of the above
      7. Which of the following iron and steel plants was built to use charcoal as a source of power to start with but later switched over to hydroelectricity ?
      (a) TISCO
      (b) IISCO
      (c) VISL
      (d) HSL
    2. Hindalco, an aluminum factory located Renukut owes its site basically to
      (a) Proximity of raw materials
      (b) Abundant supply of power
      (c) Efficient transport network
      (d) Proximity to the market
      9. For which one of the following is Satara well known
      (a) Thermal Power plant
      (b) Wind Energyplant
      (c) Hydro-electric plant
      (d) Nuclear Power plant
    3. The first cotton mill of India was established at
      (a) Mumbai
      (b) Ahmedabad
      (c) Baroda
      (d) Kolkata (1818)
      11. Where are the BHEL Plants located?
      (a) Hardwar, Bhopal, Hyderabad & Tiruchirapalli
      (b) Pinjour, Bengaluru, Hyderabad & Kalamassery
      (c) Hardwar, Pinjour, Kalamassery & Tiruchirapalli
      (d) Bhopal, Jhansi, Haridwar & Tiruchirapalli
    4. Copper is produced in
      (a) Rajasthan and Bihar
      (b) Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan
      (c) Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan
      (d) Odisha, Rajasthan and Bihar
      13. Unlike other parts of the Indian Coast, fishing Industry has not developed
      along the Saurashtra Coast because
      (a) There are few Indentations suitable for fishing
      (b) Of overwhelming dependence on agriculture and animal

      (c) The seawater is relatively more saline
      (d) Of industrial development leading to widespread pollution of coastal area
      14. Which one of the following statements is incorrect ?
      (a) Maximum number of cotton yarn and textile mills are located in

      (b) Carpet industry is chiefly in the State of Uttar Pradesh
      (c) Cotton textile industry provides jobs to the maximum number of people
      (d) The first cotton mill was set-up at Fort Gloster in Calcutta
    5. Location of sugar industry in India is shifting from north to south because of
      (a) Cheap Labour
      (b) Expanding regional market
      (c) Cheap and abundant supply of power
      (d) High yield and high sugar content in sugar cane
    6. Which one of the following statement is NOT correct?
      (a) India is the second largest producer of Nitrogenous Fertilizer in the World
      (b) India is the ninth largest steel producing country in the World
      (c) India is the- second largest producer of Silk in the World
      (d) India is the third in the World in Coal production
    7. Which of the following countries produce the largest amount of crude
      steel of the World?
      (a) Japan
      (b) China
      (c) South Korea
      (d) India
    8. Modern industrial development of India is largely due to –
      (a) Rationalization of raw material
      (b) Availability of skilled manpower
      (e) Liberalisation of government policies
      (d) Increase in market demand
    9. In the process of industrial development of India, the investment per
      enterprise in the public sector was the highest during the
      (a) First year plan
      (b) Third five year plan
      (c) Fifth five year plan
      (d) Seventh five year plan

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2014

    1. First Export Processing Zone in India was
      (a) Falta
      (b) Kandala
      (c) Santa Cruz
      (d) Surat
      2. Which statement regarding Special Economic Zones is incorrect?
      (a) They are duty free enclaves of development
      (b) They deemed as foreign territories for purpose of trade, duties and

      (c) They are not exempted from the application of Labour law
      (d) Area is net foreign exchange earner
    2. Nepanagar in Madhya Pradesh is famous for
      (a) Textile
      (b) Newsprint paper
      (c) Hosiery
      (d) Vegetable oil
      4. Which of the following is an example of non-renewable energy resource?
      (a) Solar
      (b) Coal
      (c) Methane
      (d) Hydroelectric
    3. To establish the growth of Small enterprise so that they graduate to
      medium enterprises, a comprehensive act called the Micro, Small and
      Medium Enterprise Development Act came into force in the year
      (a) 2006
      (b) 2000
      (c) 1994
      (d) 1991

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