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  • How To Prepare GS Paper 2 For UPSC Civil Services Main Examination.

    As you may know from the syllabus, the major components of UPSC GS paper 2 are polity, governance, social justice, and international relations, so, let get into how to prepare each of these components effectively.Continue Reading How To Prepare GS Paper 2 For UPSC Civil Services Main Examination.

    • Polity: Start with reading NCERTs of Class XI and XII if you’re a fresher, reading NCERTs or IGNOU/NIOS notes will introduce you to the terminologies of the subject; after that, read the book authored by M. Laxmikanth thoroughly. It is a must-read book for covering Indian polity for UPSC CSE.

    • Governance: Refer to Governance in India by M.Laxmikanth to prepare this subject. However, be selective in reading only the chapters that are relevant to the syllabus. Other than that, you can rely on online free resources in the form of articles and pdfs of topics included in the syllabus.

    • International Relations: Refer to the MEA website for covering this segment of the UPSC GS Paper 2 syllabus. Questions from contemporary events (current affairs) are mostly asked from this segment, hence, keep a tab on the current affairs by following newspapers, monthly magazines, and other online websites. You can also enroll in the CL-CAP course to effectively cover the current affairs.

    • Previous Year Questions & Mock Tests: Glance through the PYQs to assess the type of questions that are being asked and browse through the answer copies of toppers to get an idea of answer-writing that you have to incorporate into your answer-writing practice. Practice it and get your copies evaluated by your mentors.


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