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  • Indian Economy – Yearwise Questions – Current Affairs Of Economy Of India – W.B.C.S. Mains Examination.

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    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2019

    1. Which of the following is one of the states which has topped NITI Aayog’s Index of Indian States’ performance on various UN Sustainable Development
      Goals (SDGs)?
      (A) Karnataka
      (B) Gujarat
      (C) Maharashtra
      (D) Kerala
    2. The Govt. has decided to provide what per cent interest subsidy to
      merchant exporters, entailing an expenditure of Rs. 600 cr?
      (A) 2 per cent
      (B) 3 per cent
      (C) 4 per cent
      (D) 5 per cent
    3. According to the data released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the Indian economy is likely to grow at what per cent in the financial year (2018- 19)?
      (A) 6.7 per cent
      (B) 6.9 per cent
      (C) 7.2 per cent
      (D) 7.4 per cent
    4. In Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY), the timeline of how
      many months is set for settlement of claims by insurance companies after the completion of crop cutting experiments/harvesting period?
      (A) One
      (B) Two
      (C) Three
      (D) Four
    5. According to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) report titled ‘Future of Consumption in Fast-Growth Consumer Market —India’ , what will be India’s ranking as the world’ s largest consumer market by 2030?
      (A) Second
      (B) Third
      (C) Fourth
      (D) Fifth
    6. On which bank the RBI has slapped Rs.1 crore penalty for not
      monitoring the end use of funds in respect of one of its borrowers?
      (A) Bank of Baroda
      (B) PNB
      (C) SBI
      (D) Allahabad Bank
    7. The RBI raised the limit of collateral free agricultural loans to Rs.1.6
      lakh from the current ______ with a view to help small and marginal farmers.
      (A) Rs.50,000
      (B) Rs.1 lakh
      (C) Rs.1.5 lakh
      (D) Rs.80,000
    8. Indian Banking Association has issued advisory requesting banks to
      waive off the processing, documentation, inspection and all other service charges for Kisan Credit Card and crop loans up to INR _____
      (A) Rs. 2 lakh
      (B) Rs. 3 lakh
      (C) Rs. 4 lakh
      (D) Rs. 4.50 lakh
    9. The RBI has announced that it will transfer an interim surplus of INR to the Central Government for the half year ended 31st December 2018.
      (A) Rs. 28,000 Crore
      (B) Rs. 20,000 crore
      (C) Rs. 30,000 crore
      (D) Rs. 25,000 crore
    10. India’s fiscal deficit has touched of the FY 19Budget target of Rs. 6.24
      lakh crore during the period of 9 months from April to December 2018.
      (A) 90%
      (B) 100%
      (C) 112%
      (D) 115%
    11. What is the name of the mega pension scheme announced in Interim
      Budget 2019 under which Rs. 3,000 per month pension for 10 crore
      unorganised sector workers has been proposed for contribution of Rs.
      100/55 per month?
      (A) Pradhan Mantri Shram Yogi Maandhan
      (B) PM-Kisan Samman
      (C) PM Jan Suraksha Bima Yojana
      (D) Sukanya Samriddhi Y0Jana
    12. Which State Govt. has announced interest free loans of up to three lakh rupees for women self-help group (WSHGs) in the state?
      (A) West Bengal
      (B) Rajasthan
      (C) Chattisgarh
      (D) Odisha
    13. Rythu Bandhu Scheme is implemented in which State? The state govt.
      provides an income support of Rs. 4000 per acre per season to farmers
      under the scheme:
      (A) Odisha
      (B) Assam
      (C) Telangana
      (D) Kerala
    14. Which State has announced new temporary cow shelters in the urban
      and rural areas and imposition of a cess on excise duty for the same?
      (A) Madhya Pradesh
      (B) Rajasthan
      (C) Uttar Pradesh
      (D) Haryana
    15. Which State has emerged on top of Asia Competitiveness Institute
      (ACI), Singapore’s 2018 Ease of Doing Business Index?
      (A) Rajasthan
      (B) Gujarat
      (C) Delhi
      (D) Andhra Pradesh
    16. The govt. collected what amount as GST in Dec 2018?

    (A) Rs. 92,726 Cr.
    (B) Rs. 94.726 Cr.
    (C) Rs. 95,726 Cr.
    (D) Rs. 96,726 Cr.

    1. Which State Govt. recently announced two welfare initiatives for farmers as part of the ‘Krishi Krishak Bondhu’ Scheme?
      (A) Odisha
      (B) West Bengal
      (C) UP
      (D) Bihar
    2. Who among the following was recently declared ‘fugitive economic
      offender’ by a Mumbai Court?
      (A) Nirav Modi
      (B) Lalit Modi
      (C) Subrata Roy
      (D) Vijay Mallya
    3. Which country asked the RBI to declare Indian currency notes of
      denominations higher than Rs. 100 legal tender in that country?
      (A) Maldives
      (B) Nepal
      (C) Bhutan
      (D) Myanmar
    4. The RBI has allowed the Small Industries Development Bank of India
      (SIDBI) to use an existing Rs. 1000 Cr. corpus for lending to
      (A) Microfinance Institutions
      (B) Students
      (C) Payment Banks
      (D) Farmers
    5. The book ‘Changing India’ has been penned by who among the
      (A) Pranab Mukherjee
      (B) Amit Shah
      (C) Raghu Ram Rajan
      (D) Manmohan Singh
    6. The Indian origin (Mysore-born) economist has joined International
      Monetary Fund as its Chief Economist. Who is she/he?
      (A) Gita Gopinath
      (B) Amitabh Chaudhury
      (C) Jaideep Gound
      (D) Vishakha Mulye
    7. The GST council took a slew of decision aimed at reducing the tax and
      compliance burden on small and medium enterprises. The limit for eligibility for the Composition Scheme would be raised to an annual turnover of
      ________ from April, 2019.
      (A) Rs. 1 Cr
      (B) Rs. 1.5 Cr.
      (C) Rs. 2. Cr
      (D) Rs. 2.5 Cr
    8. The Reserve Bank of India on January 1, 2019 allowed lenders to
      recast loans of stressed micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs),
      provided the total fund and non-fund-based exposure to such a borrower
      does not exceed—
      (A) Rs. 10 Cr.
      (B) Rs, 15 Cr.
      (C) Rs. 20 Cr.
      (D) Rs. 25 Cr.
    9. Maharatna Oil PSU Indian Oil will invest over ______ in West Bengal In
      the next two years.
      (A) Rs. 1300 crore
      (B) Rs. 1200 crore
      (C) Rs. 1100 crore
      (D) Rs. 1000 crore
    10. Dutch firms are ready to help in setting up port facilities (Logistic Hub) at ________ in West Bengal.
      (A) Calcutta Port
      (B) Haldia Port
      (C) Tajpur and Kulpi
      (D) All of the above
    11. The Government of India is amending a clause of the 1991 Treaty of
      Trade and Transit to explore water routes. Name the other country.
      (A) Bhutan
      (B) Sri Lanka
      (C) Maldives
      (D) Nepal
    12. At the NITI Aayog meeting of CMs on 15th June 2019 the P.M said that
      the goal of making India a _____ economy by 2024 was challenging but
      (A) $ 3 trillion
      (B) $ 4 trillion
      (C) $ 5 trillion
      (D) $ 6 trillion
    13. State Bank of India has reported a net profit of _______ for the quarter
      ended March, 2019.
      (A) Rs. 838 crore
      (B) Rs. 738 crore
      (C) Rs. 638 crore
      (D) Rs. 538 crore
    14. The man’s unique feet: unveiling e-Choupal with an arm to change
      India’s rural economy by empowering farmers. He died on May 11, 2019.
      Who is he?
      (A) Yogesh Chander Deveshwar (YCD)
      (B) Meera Sanyal
      (C) MasazoNonaka
      (D) Atal Behari Vajpayee
    15. The Govt. has exempted rupee payments made to the oil company
      NIOC towards the purchase of crude oil from payment of any tax. NIOC
      belongs to
      (A) Saudi Arabia
      (B) Venezuela
      (C) Cambodia
      (D) Iran
    16. Which of the following private sector banks has announced a ‘blended
      finance facility’ to rescue salt farmers of Rann of Kutch (Gujarat)?
      (A) HDFC Bank
      (B) ICICI Bank
      (C) YES Bank
      (D) AXIS Bank
    17. The RBI has set up an expert committee to suggest long term solutions
      for the economic and financial sustainability of the MSME sector. The
      committee is headed by
      (A) UK SINHA
      (B) Chitra Ramkrishna
      (C) DR Mehta
      (D) Arundhati Bhattacharya

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2018

    1. Read the statements
      i) Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, recognised home buyers as financial
      creditors to real estate developers.
      ii) Home buyers will get due representation in the committee of creditors
      iii) The amended Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code specifies home buyers
      will be treated as secured creditors.
      Which statements are correct in reference to Insolvency and Bankruptcy
      Code (Amendment) Ordinance, 2018?
      a) Only (i) and (ii) are correct
      b) only (i) and (iii) are correct
      c) Only (ii) and (iii) are correct
      d) All statements are correct.
    2. According to RBI’s latest report, Import Cover of the country in
      December, 2017 is of how many months?
      a) 12 months
      b) 10.8 months
      c) 15 months
    3. d) 19 months
    4. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI)
      has approved which of the following agencies to acquire a majority stake in
      IDBI bank?
      a) LIC
      b) GIC
      c) National Insurance Co. Ltd.
      d) None of the above
    5. As per Mercer’s 24th Annual Cost of Living Survey 2018, which is
      India’s most expensive city?
      a) Gurugram
      b) Mumbai
      c) Bengaluru
      d) Hyderabad
    6. Which of the following three general insurance companies will be
      merged into single insurance company as per Budget 2018-19?
      a) UTI, Oriental Insurance and National Insurance
      b) LIC, Bharti AXA and United Insurance
      c) General Insurance, Max Bupa and UTI
      d) Agriculture Insurance Company of India Limited, Bharti AXA and United

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2015

    1. India’s external debt at the end of March, 2014 stood at
      (A) USD 440.6 billions
      (B) USD 550.7billions
      (C) USD 540.6 billions
      (D) None of the above
    2. Consider the following statements :
      1. India’s Jute contributes about 70% of world production
      2. Minimum support price for raw jute is fixed every six months by
      Government of India
      3. Raw jute is produced mainly in the State of West Bengal, Bihar, Assam
      and Tripura
      4. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the Minimum
      Support Price for 2014-15 season at Rs. 2,400 per quintal
      (A) 1, 2 & 3 are true
      (B) 1, 3 & 4 are true
      (C) 1 & 2 are true
      (D) All are true
    3. The National Income of India during 2013-14 at current prices is
      estimated at
      (A) Rs. 92.4 lakh crore
      (B) Rs. 91.5 lakh crore
      (C) Rs. 98.6 lakh crore
      (D) None of the above
    4. The allocation for General budget as a percentage of total budget has
      gone up from 2.79% in 2005-06 to ______ in 2015-16
      (A) 5.46
      (B) 4.46
      (C) 5.83
      (D) 5.91

    WBCS Main Question Paper – 2014

    1. C.S.O. has predicted the GDP growth of Indian economy in 2014-15
      fiscal year will be –
      (A) 4.9%
      (B) 5.5%
      (C) 3.3%
      (D) 7%
    2. As per 13th Finance Commission recommendations during 2010-15
      transfers to the states from the Central tax pool, are expected to be
      (A) Rs. 40,000 crores
      (B) Rs. 1,60,850 crores
      (C) Rs. 3,18,581 crores
      (D) Rs. 5,04,309 crores

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