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  • Interview Experience of Arijit Basu, Rank 1 of W B Forest Service Examination 2018

    Had 4 members, including chairman.. i got Mr. Debasish Bose sir’s board..Continue Reading Interview Experience of Arijit Basu, Rank 1 of W B Forest Service Examination 2018

    Chairman:1.you are a mechanical engineer so why forest service?

    2.what were you doing after engineering?

    3.you are from this place so why is it famous?

    4.do you know about the recent updates about the increase the speed of rajdhani express?

    5.what else do you like?( I said football, so one member asked me whether i play for east Bengal or mohan bagan..)

    6.tell me about the breadth and width of badminton court (no idea why it was asked)

    7.how many players are there in water polo?(again no idea why it was asked)

    Gave some gyan about why it is important to know all the details of everything after becoming an officer (even though i said i play football)

    8. Ask me some aptitude question but later it turned out to be a puzzle (everyone laughed as I was trying so hard to solve it, I thought it’s really an aptitude question)

    Member 1:

    1.tell me about the working of wbfs and wbsfs.2.gave me a case study and asked a solution.( He asked what if a senior officer gives me a task of planting 1 lakh saplings in a week, what steps am I going to take? What will be my course of action)

    3.do you know about tiger census?

    4.tell me something about national tiger conservation authority.

    5.do you know about Sariska episode?

    6.do you have any idea about how forest management is done?

    Member 3:

    1.tell me about some environmental movement of India.(said about Chipko)2.who was the leader of it?

    3.asked about Greta.

    4.where is she from?

    5.do you think the way she says things may hurt her seniors?6.which bengali laureate got nobel prize recently?

    7.from which college he did his graduation masters and PhD.

    8.can you tell me something about randomised controlled trial?

    Member 4:

    1. Tell me the difference between a zoo and a wildlife sanctuary.
    (She didn’t ask me any other question, since it was already late and they were rushing to go home.. also my interview dragged a bit compared to others so.. hope it will help.

    My interview was in mixed language.. chairman and member 4asked me in Bengali, member 2 and 3 asked me completely in English)

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