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  • Management Optional Pros And Cons – For IAS Main Examination.
    Posted on January 2nd, 2021 in Main Exam, Management
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    Management Optional Pros And Cons – For IAS Main Examination.

    There are pros and cons of taking management as an optional in the IAS mains exam, like any other optional subject. You have to assess the advantages and drawbacks associated with the subject and evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses before coming to a decision on the optional.Continue Reading Management Optional Pros And Cons – For IAS Main Examination.

    The key is to use your strengths to your advantage in the UPSC mains and avoid the drawbacks of the optional.

    Management optional pros

    • The greatest advantage of the management optional is that the questions asked are generally pretty direct and straight-forward. The difficulty level is also easy to medium.
    • The questions have also been repeated over the years. So, if you go through the previous year UPSC question papers diligently and prepare accordingly, you should be able to perform well in the exam.
    • You will encounter far less competition in this optional than other subjects like pub ad, geography, etc.
    • Management is a logical and rational subject. It is not subject to interpretation unlike some humanities subjects like political science, sociology and so on.
    • Candidates with a background in management and commerce can take up this optional.
    • You can get almost the entire study material from standard management books.
    • The syllabus is largely static and very little is linked to current affairs.

    Management optional cons

    • The syllabus for the management optional is lengthy.
    • The papers are also deemed lengthy and students often find it difficult to complete paper II.
    • The overlap with the general studies papers is minimal. In certain concepts like government-business interface, there is some overlap with the GS II and III papers.


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