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  • Physics Optional Booklist – For UPSC Mains Examination.
    Posted on January 18th, 2021 in Main Exam, Physics
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    Physics Optional Booklist – For UPSC Mains Examination.

    The physics optional syllabus for the UPSC is vast, though aspirants can focus on a few topics at a time. Dividing the syllabus into blocks and covering the key concepts first is helpful.Continue Reading Physics Optional Booklist – For UPSC Mains Examination.

    The preparation for this optional requires aspirants to devote at least 2 hours a day for eight to ten months. This would enable aspirants to cover the syllabus thoroughly.

    The following is a list of important Physics optional UPSC books:

    • A Dictionary of Physics – A.M Goldstein
    • Advanced Level Physics – Nelkon & Parker
    • Atomic Physics – J. B. Rajam
    • Electronic Devices and Circuits – Allen Mottershead
    • Experiments in Nuclear Physics – Gautam Sharma & Nishant Patel
    • Fundamentals of Magnetism and Electricity – D.N. Vasudeva
    • Concepts of Modern Physics – Arthur Beiser
    • A Textbook of Sound – Khanna & Bedi
    • Atomic & Molecular Spectra -Rajkumar
    • Classical Mechanics – R.G Takwale
    • Integrated Electronics – Millman & Halkias
    • Engineering Physics – Satya Prakash
    • Introduction to Electrodynamics – David J. Griffiths
    • A Textbook of Optics – Brijlal & Subramanyam
    • Principles of Physics Vol I&II – David Halliday and Robert Resnick
    • Properties of Matter – B. Aggarwal
    • Quantum Mechanics – A Ghatak
    • Quantum Physics- Resnick & Eisberg
    • Solid State Physics – Mircea S. Rogalski
    • Special Relativity-Robert Resnick
    • Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics – Richard Fitzpatrick
    • Thermal Physics – Satya Prakash
    • University Physics – Sears and Zemansky
    • Waves and Oscillations – Brijlal & Subramanyam

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