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  • Precis Writing Example – English Compulsory Paper – For W.B.C.S. Examination.

    1)Today there are 3000 million people in the world. Fifty years ago only about 2000 million people lived in it. If earth’s population were evenly distributed over its land surface, there would be about 550 persons to the square mile. But Earth has vast areas of forest, mountains and desert which are almost totally inhabited. On the other hand, it has great cities each with millions of people living in a few square miles.Continue Reading Precis Writing Example – English Compulsory Paper – For W.B.C.S. Examination.

    To feed the fast growing population of our earth, scientists and planners have to discover new ways to produce more. One possible way is to bring more land not under cultivation. This can be done only in places where there is lot of land not used for productive purposes. In many places there is no longer possible all the arable land is already cultivated. A second way is to make use of new types of seeds to produce more. Already a number of new strains of paddy and wheat have been developed in different parts f the world. India is one of the countries where a lot of useful work has been done in the field of agriculture research.

    Title: World Population and Food Production

    Précis: During the last fifty years, the world population has increased from 2000 to 3000 million. It is unevenly distributed with millions of people living in a few big cities. Scientists in India and abroad are, therefore, busy with agriculture research to find out new methods of increased food production to feed them all and they have already developed many new strains of paddy and wheat.

    2)Prevention is better than cure. It is recognised that the only way to get rid of malaria completely is to get rid of the mosquitoes which cause it. Malaria is always associated with damp and marshy land. This is not because the land is damp, but because the static water is the breeding place of the mosquitoes which begin their life as a larva in the water. Malaria does not frequently occur in dry desert countries because mosquitoes can not breed there. The only way to destroy mosquitoes is to prevent their breeding in static water. This can be done by draining all ponds and pools. And by keeping them covered in the breeding season with a film of kerosene oil which by depriving the larva of air, kills them.

    PRECIS: Mosquitoes, which cause Malaria, breed in stagnant water. They can not breed in dry lands. If we use kerosene, the stagnant water is covered with a layer of kerosene, the larva will die. By doing so, we could prevent the spreading of malaria.

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