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    WBCS Made Easy–WBCS 4 ALL is not a static website but a dynamic board or forum where the contents are posted by the collective efforts of the members.

    Only a small percentage of members contribute resources or make any post or discussions or try to help other members. We call them “Active Members”. It is seen that although WBCS 4 ALL has a large number of members, most members remain either dormant or passive viewers / surfers and downloaders.

    This sort of in-activity creates a strain on our bandwidth and other resources without adding any value to this forum and defeats the whole purpose of the forum. Basically, if the forum had only the active members, it would have run as well as now.

    Due to this fact, it was decided to grant some extra privileges and resources to those members who contribute regularly to this forum. Members displaying certain level of activity will be promoted to the category of “Active Members” and can access those resources exclusively. Gradually, more and more resources will be moved away to the exclusive areas accessible to only the “Active Members”. Inactive “Active Members” may also be demoted to “Members”. Membership of those members who are dormant for a long time or have not made any post for a long time may be terminated.

    This is done not to create an “elite” group of members but to encourage active participation, without which this forum will be dead. The exact parameters of deciding to promote a member is not disclosed here but the admin and the moderators will keep a watch on the member activities and promote/demote according to their activities and participation. The quality of posts rather than the quantity will be the main criteria for selection. So any attempt to increase post count by posting junk or “Thank you”s will not be considered while granting ACTIVE Membership. On the other hand such attempts would be viewed adversely.

    Here are some qualities that will be considered while promoting a Member to Active Member –

    — helpful attitude to other members
    — replying to other members’ questions
    — posting of online links, books, resources, assignment solutions which will help others
    — regular visits to the forum
    — making posts in the forum regularly
    — asking questions on various topics and engaging in discussion on the same
    — rather than the number of posts, the quality of posts is important (so merely increasing the number of posts by posting lots of “Thanks You” or junk will not help a member in this process. On the other hand such attempts will be viewed adversely)

    Please do not post or mail requests to the Admin or Moderators for granting ACTIVE Membership nor to ACTIVE Members to retrieve materials from the ACTIVE Members’ exclusive area for yourself. Requests such as these show that the member is more interested in getting ACTIVE Member status for accessing resources, rather than participating in the activities of the forum. Such request may in fact delay the granting of ACTIVE Member status and may violate the Forum Rules too. If an ACTIVE Member is found to have copied files posted by other members from exclusive area and re-post it in general area or provide such files to non-ACTIVE members, he/she will be banned. The quality of participation of a member is reviewed periodically and ACTIVE Member status is granted without any request from the Member.

    Please note that an ACTIVE Member can also be demoted if his/her activity and participation in the forum goes down or he/she violates the Forum rules. So the level of activity of ACTIVE Members and conduct are also reviewed from time to time.

    Please do not post any obscene material. Then your user name may be banned for life

    With warm regards,
    WBCSMadeEasy Team
    For guidance by WBCS Officers
    Call 9674 493 673 or mail us at mailus@wbcsmadeeasy.in
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