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  • Tips To Write A Good Essay-For WBCS Mains Exam
    Posted on July 25th, 2018 in Paper II : English

    Tips To Write A Good Essay-For WBCS Mains Exam

    Essay Tips-

    • Your introduction and conclusion should stand out. Psychologically, a person remembers what is at the beginning and at the end. So, try to impress the examiner when you write the introduction and the conclusion. It would leave a good impression if you portray your compassionate and empathetic side in the beginning of the essay itself.
    • You should connect to the topic as a HUMAN. Avoid writing mechanically.
    • You should conclude the essay on a positive note. You could give possible solutions or also end with a futuristic vision.
    • You can make a rough flowchart before you begin writing your essay so that you can outline what you will be writing where. This will make your essay more structured and also ensure that you don’t forget important points and perspectives.
    • Write in simple English but make you don’t make any grammatical errors. Put in efforts to improve your language if you feel you need to. Wrong language/grammar can change the meaning of a sentence.
    • You can have strong opinions on a topic but make sure you are not just opinionated but also informed.
    • Don’t just crib about things, also present solutions.
    • Make sure your quotes are correct verbatim otherwise, don’t quote them.
    • Try to be concise so that you can cover maximum dimensions and also avoid repetitions.
    • Try to cover multiple perspectives like social, economic, political, cultural, linguistic, local, international and humanistic ones.

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