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  • WBCS Interview- PUBLIC SPEAKING – Hobby Related Expected Questions
    Posted on March 27th, 2017 in Interview
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    WBCS Interview- PUBLIC SPEAKING – Hobby Related Expected Questions

    1 What are the various forms of public speaking ? Know about their salient features and differences.Continue Reading WBCS Interview- PUBLIC SPEAKING – Hobby Related Expected Questions
    2 Who all would you rate as eminent public speakers and what aspects of their public speaking ability appeal to you ?
    3 What would you regard as the most important aspect of public speaking ? Language , Delivery , Body ?
    4 What skills would you ask a beginner to concentrate upon ?
    5 What place truthfulness and conviction have in a speech ?
    6 What is your proficiency level and what is your level of participation in competitions in school , college, state,  national level etc.
    7 What is an Extemporaneous Speech ? When the time permitted for preparation is short,  how to go about it ?
    8 What is the practical utility of elocution ?


    1) What is the difference between debate and declamation?
    2) Any debate you participated recently?
    3) What are the ingredients of a good debate?
    4) What are the different views about XYZ debate in India?
    5) Who is your favorite debate personality?
    6) Which debate programme is your favorite?
    7) Talk for 5 minutes on ABC issue
    8) Do you watch parliamentary debates? Are they worthy?
    9) How does debate help in one’s personality development?
    10) What is importance of debates in democracy?
    11) How do you think does debating help you once you become a civil servant?
    12) Why debates and declamations do not get much attention at school and college level despite being mentally stimulative?
    13) Why as a nation we are shy of debates?
    14) Board may give you a topic and ask you to marshal your views / debate on it.
    15) What is the practical utility of debating ?


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