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  • WBCS Interview – READING Or WRITING – Hobby Related Expected Questions.
    Posted on March 27th, 2017 in Interview
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    WBCS Interview – READING Or WRITING – Hobby Related Expected Questions.

    WBCS এর সাক্ষাৎকার – পড়া বা লেখার – শখ সম্পর্কিত  প্রত্যাশিত প্রশ্ন।

    1 What types of poems do you read/write ? Which language ?Continue Reading WBCS Interview – READING Or WRITING – Hobby Related Expected Questions
    2 What is a Sonnet and a Ballad in English poetry ?
    3 What are the various forms of hindi poetry which are based on verses ?
    4 What is Chhand , Chaupai , Doha , Haiku etc ?
    5 Have a brief idea about various phases of poetry and poets in India. Ancient , medieval , pre/post independence and poets like Valmiki , Vidyapati , Tagore, Nirala , Dinkar etc
    6 Who is a Rasthra Kavi ?
    7 What is Chhayavaad ?
    8 Who were Bhakti Kal poets ?
    9 What was Ritikal ?
    10 What role have poets and poetry played in freedom struggle ? ( Tagore , Bankim Chandra )
    11 Who is your favorite poet and why ? What is your style of writing poems ?
    12 Is art of poetry and its readership on decline in modern times ? Why ?
    13 In the present instant age, are poems relevant as an artistic manifestation of human emotion and expression ?
    14 What is the main difference between a poem and a poetry ?


    1 What kind of novels do you read ? ( Hindi , English , regional languages , fiction , non fiction , short stories , pulp fiction etc )
    2 Your favorite authors / novels ?
    3 The last recently read novel ? What did you like about it ?
    4 Standard and volume of literature in regional languages is declining. DO you agree? If yes, then what should be done to promote Indian writers and literature ?
    5 What are the reasons of success of Indian writers in English language, specially on a the backdrop of international acclaim and awards won in recent years ?
    6 Have a brief idea about important Indian writers / novelists of your interest.
    7 What measures should be taken to encourage readership amongst youth and children ?

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