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  • WBCS Interview- TRAVELLING – Hobby Related Expected Questions.
    Posted on March 27th, 2017 in Interview
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    WBCS Interview- TRAVELLING – Hobby Related Expected Questions.

    WBCS এর সাক্ষাৎকার – ভ্রমণ – শখ সম্পর্কিত  প্রত্যাশিত প্রশ্ন।

    1) What are the prospects of tourism industry in India?Continue Reading WBCS Interview- TRAVELLING – Hobby Related Expected Questions
    2) Where did you travel?
    3) What is your most favorite destination?
    4) What do you make out of this hobby?
    5) Tell some names of historical travellers in India during ancient/medieval times
    6) Is there any specific TV channel on traveling and which telecast company owns it?
    7) Have you heard about “Musafir hoon yaaron” programme?
    8) Which magazine is most favorite in traveling field?
    9) Which city in India received maximum tourists last year?
    10) What precautions should a person take while traveling with family?
    11) Are travel agencies in India governed by law?
    12) Is there any national tourism policy? if yes, tell few points of that policy. If you are asked to make a policy, what will be your priorities?1378218737_jhdnsqbhwwmo1ig
    13) Despite great cultural-geographical diversity why we are not able to develop tourism in our country?
    14) Why we receive very less foreign tourists in comparision to some tiny countries like Singapore, Mauritius?
    15) What steps would you take as District collector to promote tourism in your district?
    16) Do you think Indians are very responsible travelers? If yes, how, if no, why?
    17) What is eco tourism?
    18) What is religious tourism?
    19) What is farm tourism?
    20) What is cultural tourism?
    21) What is your view on Khumb Mela?22) What is medical tourism?
    23) Can tourism become a troll for social transportation?
    24) Can tourism be helpful in improving the economy of our country?
    25) How tourism can contribute to socio-economic conditions of villages?
    26) Tourism brings pollution. Despite this fact should we promote tourism?
    27) Can it be a career? If yes, why are you not looking for a career in this field?
    28) Do you know about Indian literature written by travelers?

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