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    Posted on November 24th, 2021 in Exam Details (QP Included)

    WBCS MADE EASY Courses Terms & Conditions

    Here are the WBCS MADE EASY Courses Terms & Conditions, which is generally kept hidden by other institutes.
    Please read and agree with the following terms and conditions and policy before joining.

    1. This organisation (WBCS MADE EASY- ISO 9001:2015) is not for business purposes only. It is the passion of our officers to see candidates sail through the exam with proper guidance, which actually propels the organisation. Experts also help them in a few subjects. 2. Initially in every classroom batch there are around  50/60 students, online there is no limit but around 100 is tried to be maintained. But since there is a dearth of time for the officers / good teachers , few batches may be merged later on, for the convenience of teachers and students both.3. After prelims, Main exam batches may be merged too with other batches, including remedial batch, and student strength may go to around 50-70 per batch in classroom and more than 100 in online too keeping in mind the same concept, as all will not qualify for main exam. 4. We value the teacher student relationship rather than ” terms and conditions” of business. Our sole aim is to help one candidate to clear this most prestigious exam of West Bengal.5. Many papers in the Prelims & Main exam are taken by expert teachers and outsiders  (non-WBCS), but these teachers are trained under the guidance of WBCS Gr A Officers. Officers directly sometimes mentor and guide students too. 6. Though we try hard to conduct classes regularly in time, the class timings and a few other matters may be changed from time to time, for reasons which may be beyond our control.7. A candidate will continue for Main exam preparation in a particular year even if he/she could not pass the prelims exam. After completing the full cycle of the course he/she may again join the remedial batch which will be preparing for prelims of next year in case of full foundation batch only (hybrid batch). For online batches additional fees may be required for next or 2nd year.  8. In special conditions classes may be held online on different timing. 9.  WBCS MADE EASY App is an android app only and widely used for classes, mock tests , class tests etc. during our preparation. And videos and  materials uploaded in the app are read-only, not downloadable. *   10. The classroom opted by the student may be changed later to any other place in the same city, due to some unavoidable circumstances, where the student will be required to attend classes. 11. Studymat will consist of our printed or xeroxed materials, copies of a few renowned UPSC studymat , xerox of important books (important pages) etc. whatever necessary for students. 12. During or after your course or after you succeed ( joining us at any stage of the exam) we can use your photo/ video/success story/ testimonial with others and for advertisement or other relevant purpose and we will have full rights on it.13. ALL FEES PAID ARE NON REFUNDABLE.14. There may be some shortcomings in our effort but we value your feedback. So please give us feedback regularly so that we can improve ourselves.15.This guidance is not for commercial purposes for students and the institute has every authority and discretionary power to take every decision regarding the coaching and students are bound to follow it.  16. Courses are non – transferable to another person. 17. One cannot generally change to one course from another but in special conditions it may be allowed after a written application from the student (but amount paid will never be refunded which means if a student is shifted from higher value course to lower value course money will not be refunded). Separate fees / fines may be charged for this too. 18. Allowing class tests / mock tests is purely discretion of the institute. 19. Students will never defame the institute in any forum and social platforms, violation of which may attract penal provisions and the student may not be allowed to attend further class /course.  20. We may change some terms and conditions without any notice if necessary and you will be assumed to accept it with retrospective effect and it will be binding for all students. 21. All litigations, if any, will be under the jurisdiction of Kolkata Highcourt.  

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