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    Posted on February 5th, 2017 in Strategy, Structure of Exam
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    WBCS Prelims Cut-off Marks Previous Years

    Introduction :

    Every year the questions were more or less are of same standard and mostly came from few basic books and last years’ questions, including main exams. So a lot of candidates have done quite well. As a standard procedure, anything above 100 is a good score. But actual cut off mark depends on the number of vacancies too. Please see here W.B.C.S Prelims Cut-off Marks Previous Years.Continue Reading WBCS Prelims Cut-off Marks Previous Years.

    So let us wait for few more days to come at a decision. As per as sectional questions of 2017 are concerned, English, Geography were quite easy, History was very easy. Economy , Polity were easy too compared to past papers. Reasoning was easy too. Science was little tough as usual but basic books will do. Overall the strategy we made to clear the exam was suitable. The current affairs portion matched fully too. In this paper we got 187 out of 200 common.

    Anyway, whatever is your expected score, start preparing for Main Exam very soon and do not waste time on discussing the cutoff. Suddenly you will see that the exam is knocking at the door. Main exam is expected in June / July 2017.

    WBCS Prelims Cut-off Marks Previous Years

    Click here to download Cut-off Marks of 2015

    WBCS Preliminary Exam Cutoff marks…2001-2012 

    For general candidates, the cut off for 2013,14 & 2015 was in the range of 105-110 & in 2016 it was ONLY 84.

    Cutoff for WBCS 2018 is available here. WBCS Preliminary Exam 2018 Cut off Marks.

    Again, please do not wait for results to be out. Start preparing for main exam .It will ultimately help you in future.

    For service wise cutoff marks of 2015 click here.

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