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  • WBCS Strategy – Interview With  Mr. Abu Tayeb 34 Rank WBCS Exe. 2012
    Posted on July 24th, 2017 in Interview With Toppers.

    WBCS Strategy – Interview with Mr. Abu Tayeb 34 Rank WBCS Exe. 2012


    Thank you Mr. Abu Tayeb for the details.Continue Reading WBCS Strategy – Interview With Mr. Abu Tayeb 34 Rank WBCS Exe. 2012.

    WBCSMadeEasy:: When and how did the inspiration and idea of joining civil service come in your mind?

    Mr. Abu Tayeb:In2010 i got a job of asst. Primary school teacher.from that time I have to go bdo office several times for many purpose.so I know WBCS(exe)job closely .Again my father was working as sabhapati of Bhangar   & several times I went there and saw BDO very closely and this intimacy inspired me for this job..

    WBCSMadeEasy:: Tell us something about yourself? Educational Qualification, Marks/Division/Class, schooling…..

    Mr. Abu Tayeb : :I have completed my madhyamik and h.s.from Bhangar High school in 1999 and 2001 with 70%&58%marks and graduation from vidhyasagar
    college and MA from vidhyasagar university.

    WBCSMadeEasy:: What factors did you consider before selecting your optional? What were they?

    Mr. Abu Tayeb : :In a competition exam marks is the main factor.Before selecting my optionals I consulted with my seniors and they. Suggested me for
    anthropology and psychology as these are the most scoring subjects in wbcs.

    WBCSMadeEasy:: How did you sustain the study-momentum throughout the year?

    Mr. Abu Tayeb : :————————————————————NA

    WBCSMadeEasy:: How many hours did you study per day? How many months did it take you to complete the core syllabus of Compulsory and optional subjects?

    Mr. Abu Tayeb : :I prepared myself from 2011.Everyday I read almost 7-8 hours and before main exam it was almost 12-14 hours.

    WBCSMadeEasy:: Did u use internet, was it effective?

    Mr. Abu Tayeb : : Yes,I used internet to prepare c.a.,optional subjects and gk.

    WBCSMadeEasy:: Which newspapers & magazines you went through?

    Mr. Abu Tayeb :  anandabazar,protiyogita pariprekhit,safollo,peshaprobesh.

    WBCSMadeEasy:: Did u took coaching? How was the experience?

    Mr. Abu Tayeb : :I took coaching from Halder college of further education.It helped me primarily and compulsory papers in main exam.My anthropology
    teacher XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and psychology mam XXXXXXXXXXX helped me very much.

    WBCSMadeEasy:: What about Interview in WBCS? Was the board cordial? What should be a proper preparation?

    Mr. Abu Tayeb : : My interview experience was not good at all.there were 4 members in my board and they were not cordial at all to me.it was a bad
    experience in my life.

    WBCSMadeEasy:: Plz suggest some good books.

    Mr. Abu Tayeb : :All text book at madhyamik level must read.Indian history-Jeevan Mukherjee,o.p.khanna,Tarun gokhel.Indian geography -kartik mandal Gk-tata’s book, Tarun gokhel.All books of tulsi prokasoni.

    WBCSMadeEasy:: What should be the strategy for cracking this exam?What message you want to give to all aspirants?

    Mr. Abu Tayeb : : patience,hard work,constant effort and continuousness are the key factors to success.If you try your best and keep your patient you must be succeeded.

    WBCSMadeEasy:: Was it ur 1st attempt? If not what about previous ones? You are from which batch and what was your rank in WBCS Exam (Plz don’t mind)?

    Mr. Abu Tayeb : I got success in my first attempt.In 2012 result I got 34 rank in general and 1st position in obc-a at wbcs(exe).That’s all .

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