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    Posted on July 4th, 2018 in Exam Details (QP Included)

    Welcome To WBCSMadeEasy Your Path To SUCCESS in WBCS Exam Guideed by WBCS Gr A Officers


    Dear Candidate,Continue Reading Welcome To WBCSMadeEasy Your Path To SUCCESS in WBCS Exam Guideed by WBCS Gr A Officers.

    We are a team of professionals, experts & toppers of WBCS Exams in previous years, who guide candidates like you for the WBCS(Exe.) Etc Exam at our institute “SUCCESS”. We think and believe that all candidates have merit, more or less of same amount. But they only fail/disqualify in the WBCS exam only due to absence of proper guidance.There are lot of books and notes available in the market. If one starts to study those books it will take 2-3 years for good preparation for an exam like WBCS as you know its services are of highest administrative nature in West Bengal.At the same time we also like to remind you that this exam is not ONLY for Scientists, Researchers , a general graduate can also take the exam and be a topper. And you need not to memorize your studies for 20 hours a day to qualify in this exam. Candidates should have sound basic knowledge and a good strategy for cracking this exam.Changed pattern of this exam has made it easier provided you know what to study and how to do it.

    We at our institute guide the student, take regular exam ( for home work and for improving skill for appearing or answering question in prelims, which has negative marking), give concise notes (from where the questions are generally asked) and of course make strategy for students of diverse background ( since each student is different).We also motivate them continuously.There is also token award for topper in each exam at our institute.

    Here only WBCS(A) officers provide guidance and only in weekends for WBCS Exam only.After a full course here one may be able to take all related exams but we don’t take responsibility of that.

    Each year a good number of students pass this exam and other exams too from here with our guidance.

    We announced admission to 4th and Last Foundation batch for WBCS 2019 batch. It starts from 9th September 2018 (1st orientation class will be held on 19th August and 2nd orientation on 2nd September ) and classes will be taken every Sunday 9-12 noon from 9th September, by WBCS Group A Officers / Toppers.

    After few classes, mock test will be added from 12 noon to 2 pm. Fees will be revised very soon.The sooner you join the better is.Because Prelims exam will be in January 2019 and we will get more class if you join soon.

    WBCS Preliminary Exam 2018 Solved Question Paper & Answer Key is available at here.

    Due to very good results in last few years, there is a huge rush for our guidance. So book your seat early as it will be first come first serve basis and no request will be entertained later. So if you want to crack WBCS in 2019, do not delay, JUST JOIN US!!!

    Mock test for Main started. You can join that too.

    Join us as soon as possible (first come first serve basis). 30 seats only.

    WBCS Result 2016 Gr A B from our Centre “SUCCESS” at Naktala Tollygunje.
    Out of declared 67 vacancies our result is 10 , which is 15%.
    It is a grand success. It means that all who are successful in WBCS 2016 Gr A exam, 15 % have taken our guidance in any time of their journey.

    WBCS Executive.

    1. Puja Debnath , Exe, Rank 8,
    2. Anisha Jash, Exe, Rank 13
    (2015 batch student, that time she was selected as ACTO),
    3. Prosenjit Kundu, Rank 15,
    4. Bishnupada Roy, Rank 21,
    5. Dhruvankur Thakur, Rank 23,
    6. Dawa Sherpa , Rank 24,

    Commercial Tax

    1. Passang Lama, CTO, Rank 10

    Excise Service

    1. Vivek Ranjan, Rank 1.

    Registration & Stamp Revenue Service.

    1. Vismadeb Guha, Rank 5

    Full result is available here.

    WBCS Result 2015 Gr A B from our Centre “SUCCESS” at Naktala Tollygunje.

    WBCS Executive.

    1. Amit Kr Shaw , Exe, Rank 30,( Now selected as IPS through UPSC and being trained in LBSNAA , Musouriee)
    2. Biswajit Das, CTO, Rank 32,

    Commercial Tax

    1. Moumita Sengupta, CTO, Rank 1
    2. Suman Mukherjee, CTO, Rank 4
    3. Subhabrata Chakrabarty, CTO, Rank 6,
    4. Vivek Anand , CTO, Rank 13
    5. Sushanta Pal, CTO , Rank 15,

    W B Co-operative Service

    1. Abhishek Basu, Rank 2

    W B Registration & Stamp Revenue Service
    1. Ayan Kr Sinha, Rank 8,
    2. Puja Debnath, Rank 9,
    3. Abhijit Kr Mukhopadhyay Rank 10,

    Group C (2016) Results as found , till now.

    W B Subordinate land Revenue Service

    1.Gourab Ghosh, Rank 9

    2.Arnab Chatterjee, Rank 11

    3.Paramita Mukherjee, Rank 16

    4.Nirmalya Paul, Rank 19

    5.Diptesh Roy, Rank 73

    6.Abhishek Dutta , Rank 97

    7.Avishek Dey, Rank 103

    8.Pawan Gupta, Rank 126
    9.Surajit Debasharma, Rank 155

    10.Tanmoy Sarkar, Rank 173

    Assistant Commercial Tax Officer

    Surajit Sadhukhan, Rank 5

    2.Sneha Nair, Rank 26

    3.Sourav Sarkar, Rank 27

    4.Sunanda Das, Rank 40

    5.Dawa Tshering Bhutia, Rank 52

    Chief Controller Of Correctional Services
    1.Md Faiyaz Ali, Rank 1

    W B Junior Social Welfare Service

    1.Mrinmoy Das, Rank 1,
    2.Sourav Dutta, Rank 2,
    3.Sourav Sil, Rank 14….

    Group D (2016) Results as found , till now.

    Panchayat Development Officer

    1. Sudip Koyal, Rank 30
    2. Anupam Dutta, Rank 66,
    3. Sangay Chonzam Bhutia, Rank 119,
    4. Anos Sada , Rank 115,
    5. Manish Singh
    6. Somnath Das

    Inspector of Cooperative Societies

    1. Camellia Singha Roy, Rank 14,
    2. Santanu Mondal, Rank 24,
    3. Sandip Mondal, Rank 30,
    4. Rakesh Pandey, Rank 31,
    5. Kasif Sabir, Rank 46,
    6. Somnath Biswas, Rank 63,

    WBCS Result 2014 Gr A B from our Centre “SUCCESS” at Naktala Tollygunje.

    WBCS Executive.
    1. Abhishek Basu Exe Rank 4
    2. Abida Sultana Exe Rank 7
    3. Rajan Agarwal Exe Rank 14

    Commercial Tax

    1. Md Danish Mumtaz CTS Rank 6
    2. Vivek Anand CTS Rank 14
    3. Sajid Mehmood CTS Rank 16

    Food & supply
    1. Amartya Banerjee F& S Rank 14

    Dy. Supdt of Police

    1. Arpita Ray DSP Rank 1
    2. Prasanta Debnath DSP Rank 5
    3. Moumita sen DSP Rank 7
    4. Amit Kr Shaw DSP Rank 24

    In Group C & D:-

    1. Pratyay Sarkar,
    2. Mohini Prasad Mondal
    3. Pranay Kr Saha
    4. Sankar Saha
    5. Chanda Kr Paira
    6. Soujit Saha
    7. Paras Mahawar
    8. Utpal Sasmal
    9. Binita Chatterjee
    10.Puja Debnath
    11. Sonu Kr Shaw
    12. Srimanta Mahato….
    & many more…..

    Syllabus of WBCS Exam is available here.

    WBCS 2018 Notification is available on our site too.

    You can join our Mock Test for Preliminary Exam 2019. It is available in both Classroom (Sunday 12 noon -2 pm ) mode and Online mode. For details click here. 

    Why mock test? Go and read this blog.

    Call 9674493673 immediately or mail to mailus@wbcsmadeeasy.in

    In every batch we have only 30/35 students initially so that personalised guidance could be provided. Please refer to our prospectus and form with this links:

    Admission Form (offline).


    Since the age is finally increased to 36 years for Group A,B,C and 39 years for WBCS Gr D, do not delay your plan now. JOIN US NOW!!! Else it will be late.

    Details of our Courses offered > Click here. 

    We have also published WBCSMadeEasy Webstore where we have put study materials of all individual subjects of GS papers, many optionals etc (it is growing).
    To view it click on WEBSTORE.


    We uploaded the question papers of WBCS Main 2017 in our website too. Question papers of WBCS 2017 Exam is available at Question paper Section.

    Please bookmark the page as we will keep uploading the answers, discussions, new question papers of optionals etc in this folder.





    How to choose optional subject? Click here.


    NB: Materials will only be provided online for online candidates.
    Though we take utmost care to handle classes professionally but it may happen that
    due to unavoidable circumstance we had to miss some classes. Alternate classes
    may be arranged for those classes.

    Please remember the following issues before joining.

    1. This organisation is not for business purposes only. It is passion of our officers to see candidates sail through the exam with proper guidance, which actually propels the organisation.

    2. Initially in every batch there are 15/20 students. But since there is dearth of time of the officers , one or two batches may be merged later on for the convenience of teachers and students both.

    3. After prelims, Main exam batches may be merged too with other batches, including remedial batch, and student strength may go to around 30 per batch too keeping in mind the same concept,as all will not qualify for main exam.

    4. We value more the teacher student relationship rather than ” terms and conditions” of business. Our sole aim is to help one candidate to clear this most prestigious exam of West Bengal.

    5. One or two language papers in Main exam MAY be taken by outsiders (non-WBCS), but under the guidance of WBCS Gr A Officers.

    6. Though we try hard to conduct classes regularly in time, but the class timings and few other matters may be changed time to time, for reasons which may be beyond our control.

    7. A candidate will continue for Main exam preparation in a particular year even if he/she could not pass prelims exam.After completing the full cycle of the course he/she will again join remedial batch which will be preparing form prelims of next year.

    8. There may be some shortcomings in our effort but we value your feedback. So please give us feedback regularly so that we can improve ourselves.

    9. “Until Success” will always mean 3 years from the date of joining for classroom attendance . Thereafter only support in studymat.

    10. All litigations, if any, will be under the jurisdictions of Kolkata Highcourt.

    11. Studymat will consist of our printed or xeroxed materials, few renowned UPSC studymat , xerox of important books (important pages) etc.

    visit www.wbcsmadeeasy.in

    Our own publications are available at our webstore (click here).

    For Guidance of WBCS (Exe.) Etc. Preliminary , Main Exam and Interview, Study Mat, Mock Test, Guided by WBCS Gr A Officers , Online and Classroom, Call 9674493673, or mail us at – mailus@wbcsmadeeasy.in
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