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  • West Bengal Civil Service Preliminary Examination 2022 Result And Cutoff Marks
    Posted on August 13th, 2023 in Exam Details (QP Included)

    West Bengal Civil Service Preliminary Examination 2022 Result And Cutoff Marks

    West Bengal Civil Service Preliminary Examination 2022 Result is published by PSC WB. Here is the result.

    Cut off marks as declared by PSC is as follows

    Marks obtained by last qualified
    candidate (Cut-off marks)
    General 130.39
    OBC-A 130.39
    OBC-B 130.39
    SC 124.44
    ST 104.37
    PH – Suffering from Blindness/Low Vision 107.79
    PH (Reserved for SC) – Acid attack victims/Cerebral
    Palsy/Dwarfism/Leprosy cured/Locomotor
    disability/Muscular dystrophy
    PH – Hearing Impaired (Deaf & Hard of hearing) 102.15
    PH – Autism/Intellectual Disability/Mental illness/Multiple
    disabilities/Specific learning Disability
    MSP 108.81

    WBCS Preliminary Exam 2022 is published. 5496 candidates have been qualified. Those who passed the exam, congratulations! Start preparing for main exam. Those who could not qualify, do not worry, give your best effort for prelims examination, few months away.

    We have started preliminary and main exam mock test with nominal fees at proper exam environment in College Street, Kolkata, Siliguri & Medinipur.

    Prelims Mock Test Link: https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/course-announcement-wbcs-preliminary-exam-2023-final-mock-test

    Main Mock Test Link: https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/course-announcement-wbcs-main-examination-2022-mock-test-with-18-optional-subjects

    Enrolment form: https://forms.gle/TLyihpVaC8LbfVEy6

    Now Main exam is approximately 45 days away. To help candidates for Main Exam 2022 in our own way we are giving special assistance to candidates in following way.

    Free Telegram Channel For Current Affairs update (often students fail to identify the important current events, we will upload the same)-

    Free Evaluation of Essays, Descriptive Language Papers & 20 Optional papers for peer review and expert review has also been opened. Links given below.

    Overall Language Papers : – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers

    Optional Subjects:

    Bengali – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/400

    English – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/430

    Nepali – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/418

    Urdu – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/416

    Hindi – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/438

    Anthropology – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/6

    Psychology – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/7

    Political Science – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/8

    Sociology – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/10

    History – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/5

    Mathematics – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/424

    Physics – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/422

    Chemistry – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/420

    Geography – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/9

    Physiology – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/414

    Mechanical Engineering – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/402

    Civil Engineering – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/406

    Economics – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/412

    Pali – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/410

    Electrical Engineering – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/404

    Zoology – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/434

    Botany – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/432

    Computer Science – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/427

    Management – https://t.me/Evaluate_Essays_And_Answers/408

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