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  • Why Competitive Exam Like WBCS Is Different From Other Graduation Exams.
    Posted on April 8th, 2019 in Strategy, Structure of Exam
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    Why Competitive Exam Like WBCS Is Different From Other Graduation Exams.

    Numerous competitive exams in India are conducted for entrance into undergraduate and post graduate professional courses as well as for securing services in the government. The test formats and subjects vary according to the level of the test. Most are objective tests, followed by a personality test, and are conducted in various venues at centers across the country. Competitive exams are tough, with lakhs of aspirants appearing for a limited number of seats.

    Public sector and government services

    Leading Public sector banks conduct a test for entry as Probationary Officers. The number of vacancies depends on the banks. It is an aptitude test with candidates tested on verbal and quantitative skills, followed by a group discussion and an interview. Various Competitive exams are listed below:

    Exams conducted by PSC (Public Service Commission, WB)

    The PSC (Public Services Commission, WB) conducts dozens of exams each year for entry into state government services, combined Staff Selection processes, Engineering service and the Forests services.
    However there is a fee waiver for female SC and ST candidates once selected. There are some seats reserved for NCC cadets though. Here is the list of some of the competitive exams in India with the time of their exams.

    However Competitive Exam Like WBCS Is Different From Other Graduation Exams. Why?

    1. In competitive exam there are fixed number of vacancies. So people called for interview is also limited. You have to get into the fixed number of people, may be in general or in reserved category as per your eligibility, whatever marks you got, does not matter. May be 60%, 70% etc.

    For example:For Example there are 500 seats / vacancies in a particular year for WBCS Exam. So they may call 1000 candidates for interview. Accordingly they may allow 5000 candidates for Main exam. Say the lowest of them got 78% in general so cutoff is 78%. Don’t get scared it is an example only. Generally the cutoff for prelims is 50-55 % and in Main exam it is less than that. So one need to work really hard in a balanced way with a proper strategy to crack the exam like WBCS.


        2. In competitive exam candidates from various backgrounds come together to take the exam. Everyone has strength in few subjects and weakness in some. But if it happens that a particular candidate is well versed in a particular subject and the syllabus of a competitive exam is tilted in that subject then he is at advantage like in Banking exam, science or engineering background candidates are in advantage.

    But in WBCS Exam questions are asked from  all subjects , arts, sciences etc. So everyone is at same position. No one is at advantage. That is the difference between general exam and competitive exam and normal competitive exam and WBCS like exam. WBCS is far better in social status , perks, privileges, etc.

    Again one has to have some guidance to crack it, may be paid and professional guidance or some help from seniors or known people. Since WBCS is highly competiive exam and a long term process a proper professional and genuine guidance is needed who will motivate students and a feedback mechanism will also work.

    Presently in similar competitive examination same candidates are appearing. They are appearing in SSC, PSC, Clerkship, Miscellaneous all exams. So preparations should be of highest level to compete all students.

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