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  • Why Mock Test Is Necessary For W.B.C.S. Preliminary And Main Examination.
    Posted on August 22nd, 2018 in Strategy

    Why Mock Test Is Necessary For W.B.C.S. Preliminary And Main Examination.

    মক টেস্ট কেন প্রয়োজনীয় – WBCS  প্রিলিমিনারি  এবং   মেইনস  পরীক্ষা।

    #1 You’d be able to overcome fear of exams

    Fear and anxiety are invariably part of the W.B.C.S. aspirant’s journey. Fear and anxiety are not altogether bad. Till they increase the hunger to learn and perform well in exams, they are helpful. When that converts into inaction due to nervousness, it becomes a cause of worry.

    As such, there is no shortcut to overcome anxiety and nervousness. It can be dealt by way of practising and regular feedback from mentors and experts.

    Here comes the importance of Mock tests, that helps you to get accustomed to the exam like condition, identify your mistakes and scope of improvement from teacher’s feedback make you prepared for the WBCS exams.

    #2 Will help you check and boost your exam preparedness

    Mock tests help you analyse your mistakes when you still have time to correct those mistakes. This also helps you to re-revise the topic and understand how to tackle those mistakes. By correcting your mistakes and regularly taking mock tests you move to a path of fast-track learning which gives a boost to your confidence level and exam preparedness.

    #3 You’d be able to understand the pattern of questions

    If you have gone through the previous questions you must have come across words such as comment, discuss, critically examine, enumerate etc. that qualify questions in W.B.C.S. Mains.

    These words are not ornamental. They have specific demands and those who understand the need and write accordingly achieve good marks. Many aspirants write their answers without fully understanding what the question is asking, and how you need to answer it. If you want to score well in mains exam, you should develop a habit of reading questions critically, understanding what is required, and then writing answers that questions demand.

    Examiners give importance to the comprehensive analysis and check whether you have addressed the specific nuances of the question.

    In that way, Mock tests help you understand different ways in which questions may be presented, and how you need to answer the questions asked.

    Having knowledge is the starting point. How you use your knowledge to answer the questions clearly and concisely comes through practice.

    #4 Make you ready to tackle the uncertainty

    WBCS Exam is full of surprises. Few years back one paper was heavily tilted towards static portion while the expectation was opposite (more questions from current affairs). This one surprise broke the dreams of many who focused more on the current affairs.

    But upon careful analysis of the question paper, you’d realise one can easily find many questions that could have been tackled with the existing level of knowledge.

    No one can predict what WBCS is going to ask, so you should be prepared for any kind of questions: be it static, current affairs, conceptual, or analytical. For this, you need to practice as many questions as you can. If you have enough practice, then on a given day you will be able to write good answers.

    #5 Improve your rank, match practice

    Many times, aspirants who appear for Mains exam, will come up with a complaint, that “I knew the answer but was not able to recall it during the exam.” Such kind of mistakes in Mains exam can cost you your preferred service and another year of struggle.

    If one has Practiced regularly he/she can eliminate such possibilities. Consistent mock practice ingrains the knowledge in your brain, which you can recall any time even in the most stressful situation. This will help you achieve your maximum potential and an improved rank in the final list.

    The mock test is not the only solution to improve your mains answer writing, but it is one among the best practices which will definitely help to boost your mains answer writing.

    In life, we can make mistakes, but it should not be repeated, and also we should learn from other’s mistakes as life is too small to commit all the mistakes.

    Stop worrying, and Start practising!

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