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  • Essay Composition On Junior World Cup Football in India For WBCS Main Exam
    Posted on May 11th, 2018 in Paper II : English, Weekly Essay Contest.

    Essay Composition On Junior World Cup Football in India For WBCS Main Exam

    Essay writing in W.B.C.S exam is important because it is a reflection of your deepest thoughts and ideas.It should be known how to write a good essay and the important points must be remembered while writing an essay.Introduction should catch the attention of the reader. It can begin with a quotation, a question, an exclamatory mark. Each individual paragraph in the body must convey a single idea only. The ending should be lovely as well as balanced. Ending with a memorable quote or question or providing it an interesting twist would also be a excellent idea.This is not a part of W.B.C.S Preliminary Exam.Following previous years question papers helps in understanding the types of essay’s that generally come in the W.B.C.S Mains Exam.Continue Reading Essay Composition On Junior World Cup Football in India For WBCS Main Exam.

    The most beautiful game is a simple expression on the field — stay united and achieve your goal.
    Welcome to the fascinating world of football as a bunch of motivated youth seeks recognition in a fiercely competitive pool at the FIFA under-17 World Cup.
    Traffic snarls around the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Friday should remind the citizens of the Capital of the magnitude of the spectacle in their city which is not really acknowledged to celebrate sporting events.
    India makes its debut in a football tournament of truly global appeal only because it happens to be the host.
    A new era
    It obviously heralds a new era and the expectations can be unrealistically high.
    A win or draw against the United States, Ghana or Colombia — the opponents India would be contending with — should be hailed as a feat.
    Nothing, however, would match the experience and the lessons the Indian lads would imbibe at such a big stage.
    For stalwarts of yesteryear, who toiled to make an impact at the Asian level, the sight of India playing against some of the best in a World Cup should be thrilling.
    For a nation that does not even send a football team to the Asian Games, this is an opportunity to build dreams upon.
    To fructify the hopes that this could be a watershed moment for Indian football, the team will have to produce some scintillating stuff.
    Not impracticable. But it certainly is a journey laden with humongous challenges. India may not have a rich football heritage, an Asian Games gold medal in 1962 and a fourth-place finish at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, but this can be a window to new avenues.
    Football revolution
    A sort of football revolution in times when the youth is accustomed to following the game from all corners of the world.
    India may have a Neymar or a Ronaldo waiting to be unearthed. This tournament shall showcase the state of India’s junior football and the system may quite possibly stumble upon a modern role model, like a Messi or a Neuer.
    The U-17 World Cup is the platform that can propel the Indian ambitions in a sport that has captivated audiences through the massive reach of television.
    India takes on USA in its opener, a contest as good as done even before the kick off, given the existing stature of the two squads.
    But football is replete of amazing comebacks. One that stands out is Portugal erasing a 0-3 deficit to prevail 5-3 against DPR Korea in the 1966 World Cup.
    Those expecting coach Luis Norton de Matos to pull off a miracle of India progressing from the group would do well to remember Jose Mourinho’s unforgettable self-appraisal.
    “I’m a coach, I’m not a Harry Potter.” de Matos is not a magician either. Nor is this team a proven world beater. It will only be taking baby steps in the direction on Friday.
    Colombia, a two-time semifinalist, and Ghana, a former champion, complete the group where India is the minnow in terms of experience.
    10 players from NE
    But this group of players is the best prepared Indian football team ever. North-east has become the power house of Indian football, and the team consists of 10 members from that region.
    Would this Indian team be the best performer ever on a big football stage? Sit back and relish. It would be fun to discover where does India stand in a global football event.
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