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  • Online Mock Interview of Kunal Mukherjee WB Police Service DSP Rank 4 WBCS Gr. B 2019 by WBCS MADE EASY

    Online Mock Interview Session with Kunal Mukherjee , WBPS DSP Rank 4 , WBCS Group B in WBCS 2019 Examination. The mock interview was conducted in April – May 2021 & actual interview was held in April-May 2021. Due to Covid situation PSC had announced online interview. So after a few physical mock interviews we shifted to online interview mode, which was totally new for candidates of West Bengal and we can proudly announce that we are the pioneer in arranging online mock interviews.Continue Reading Online Mock Interview of Kunal Mukherjee WB Police Service DSP Rank 4 WBCS Gr. B 2019 by WBCS MADE EASY

    It was probably the best panel of mock interview which (full board) consisted of

    1. Sri Soumya Mukherjee, Deputy Commissioner of Revenue (WBCS Gr A)
    2. Sri Debjeet Ganguly , Deputy Secretary (WBCS Exe Rank 2)
    3. Sri Abhirup Bhattacharjee, Deputy Magistrate & Deputy Collector (WBCS Exe Rank 3, 2018)
    4. Sri Subrata Bhattacharya, Consultant Psychologist.

    We tried to discuss every aspect of candidate’s life and suggest any addition alteration of the way of speaking, how to tackle tough questions, overall grooming etc. It was also probably first time that a psychologist was included in the board but he was not visible all the time as a rule of the game. After each interview there is separate feedback part in this same video in last 2/3 minutes.

    Brief Details of Kunal Mukherjee, WBPS Rank 4, 2019

    Name: Kunal Mukherjee
    Home District:Hooghly
    Class XII Percentage:81.20
    Class XII Stream:Science
    Graduation Percentage:77.9
    Graduation / Masters Stream:B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering
    Work Experience:Basuki Corporation, Indian Navy
    Hobby: Listening Songs, NCC
    Awards: Amul Vidyashree 2009
    Attempts in WBCS : 2017, 2019
    Optional Subject :Anthropology
    Why he wants to join WBCS?From my childhood I wanted to serve my country through defence services. But I have failed each time in SSB. In 2016 my last SSb attempt was also unsuccessful. At that time one of my relative advised me to go for the civil services that will indeed serve my cause to serve the nation and that opened new avenues for me. WBCS is not just a job, it is a feeling, that I want to feel everyday in my life.
    Questions & Answers discussed in actual interview : 1. Name the air force station in west Bengal. 2. I was asked about police related works. 3. Two math riddles were asked by them. 4)I was asked questions regarding my previous posts. 5)I was asked why I wanted to join police service. 6)I was also asked about different police postings.
    Her feedback of Mock Interview: Mentors in mock interview Very much helpful. Thanks for the guidance.
    Her Online Interview Link:https://youtu.be/gLluTl6LllQ

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