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  • Online Mock Interview of Shatarupa Das WBCS (Exe.) Rank 18 WBCS Gr. A 2019 by WBCS MADE EASY

    Online Mock Interview Session with Shatarupa Das , WBCS (Executive) Rank 18 , WBCS Group A in WBCS 2019 Examination. The mock interview was conducted in April – May 2021 & actual interview was held in April-May 2021. Due to Covid situation PSC had announced online interview. So after a few physical mock interviews we shifted to online interview mode, which was totally new for candidates of West Bengal and we can proudly announce that we are the pioneer in arranging online mock interviews.Continue Reading Online Mock Interview of Shatarupa Das WBCS (Exe.) Rank 18 WBCS Gr. A 2019 by WBCS MADE EASY

    It was probably the best panel of mock interview which (full board) consisted of

    1. Sri Soumya Mukherjee, Deputy Commissioner of Revenue (WBCS Gr A)
    2. Sri Debjeet Ganguly , Deputy Secretary (WBCS Exe Rank 2)
    3. Sri Abhirup Bhattacharjee, Deputy Magistrate & Deputy Collector (WBCS Exe Rank 3, 2018)
    4. Sri Subrata Bhattacharya, Consultant Psychologist.

    We tried to discuss every aspect of candidate’s life and suggest any addition alteration of the way of speaking, how to tackle tough questions, overall grooming etc. It was also probably first time that a psychologist was included in the board but he was not visible all the time as a rule of the game. After each interview there is separate feedback part in this same video in last 2/3 minutes.

    Brief Details of Shatarupa Das, WBCS (Exe.) Rank 18, 2019

    Name: Shatarupa Das
    Home District:Uttar Dinajpur
    Class XII Percentage:92.25
    Class XII Stream:Science
    Graduation Percentage:78.25
    Graduation / Masters Stream:BE , Then MBA , IMT Ghaziabad
    Work Experience:Bank of India, Deloitte, JSW
    Hobby: Interested in Space Science
    Awards: 2nd Girl in HS 2007
    Attempts in WBCS : 2 times
    Optional Subject :Anthropology
    Why she wants to join WBCS?It is a job that is as dynamic as being a civil servant that will utilise all my capacities and capabilities. It will be a journey towards large mindedness where I will be able to care about other peoples lives, their dreams, their passion apart from my own.
    Questions & Answers discussed in actual interview : 1. Questions related to banking, mainly opinion based
    2. How many blocks in Dakshin Dinajpur (my district is Uttar Dinajpur)
    3. Who signs in Indian currency?
    4. What is written in Indian currency?
    5. How many languages in Indian currency? Why these many languages?
    6. One riddle
    7. Largest number using 2 digit
    8. Questions related to Gr. B (it is my last preference) Mainly opinion based like what do u mean by a challenging job?
    9. Questions related to preference
    10. Would u go for uniformed police job or civil job?
    11. Differences in policing of Delhi NCR and Kolkata
    12. 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments
    13. What is social audit?

    Me: Good afternoon Sir
    Chairman: Good afternoon..welcome to the interview
    Me. Thankyou so much sir
    Chairman: Shatarupa. You are from which place?
    Ans: Raiganj Uttardinajpur. chairman: Uttar dinajpur..okay..
    How many blocks in Dakshin Dinajpur?
    Me: sir I m not sure about this..i wouldn’t like to make any wild guess..i would read about this
    Chairman: okay..name of your school? Me: told the names
    Chairman: you did engineering from Jadavpur? Which stream?
    Me: told
    Chairman: then u did MBA from IMT? Me: told a brief background of myself
    Chairman: you are continuously changing your job? Now you want to come to civil service..Why is this frequent change?
    Me: sir due to poor counselling i couldn’t get this understanding in the early years of my graduation years that i would like to go for civil service..it is only after post graduation i got the understanding because this job provides so much diversity and dynamics which is not there in any other jobs
    Chairman: banking is also very dynamic job,dont you love your job?
    Me: yes sir i do agree with you that it is a dynamic job and i definitely love my job because here i am a front end worker and i am being able to solve people’s problems directly
    Chairman: then he further grilled me about inefficiencies and problems of banking, rural banking..about the problems of high interest rates charged by money lenders in rural areas..he was like there is no need of banking at all..i tried to pitch in with multiple points like financial inclusion, customer awareness, reducing customer complaints and service delivery..but he seemed to be very pissed off with the service of public sector banks😀 he was like No madam these are only big promises only on papers but actually bankers are doing nothing..no need of these banks at all.😀
    Chairman: Who signs in Indian currency?
    Me: RBI governor signs over it
    Chairman: What is written in Indian currency?
    Me: sir it is mentioned that I do promise to pay the bearer the amount of sum..currency is a bearer note
    Chairman: How many languages in indian currency?
    Me: sir 17 languages Chairman: these many languages? Me: tried to explain not couldn’t answer accurately Chairman: Largest number using 2 digit Me: sir 9 to the power 9 Chairman: one riddle Me: couldn’t solve properly..sir helped in solving
    2nd board member: Q.Questions related to Gr. B (it is my last preference) Questions related to preference. I understand why you haven’t applied for gr C and gr D since you are already an officer with bank of India. But given a chance in gr B would u leave your job and go for gr B? Me. Sir I would never think twice and accept the service.
    Q. Why executive is your first preference? Me: yes sir i have put gr B as my last preference and there are 2 major reasons behind this. First: sir police service is very lucrative and challenging job. And me as a person if i am given that challenge i would like to accept it and complete it. But if I compare the two services
    Q. Would I interrupt? See these are very cliched words..explain me in your terms..what do u mean by a challenging job?
    Me: sir i believe a challenging job demands some of the attributes. For example quick decision making, multi tasking, proper human resource management..these are the qualities that is required in a challenging job.
    Q. Okay come to your next point
    Me. Sir if i compare the two services i believe executive service provides more dimensions and diversity in terms of developmental work. My second point is that when i applied for WBCS 2019 exam i was single, now i am married and i have a family..some of the priorities have changed in two years and I as a person believe in consensus building. So this is the reason of giving last preference
    Q. I wouldn’t refute that, yes ofcourse priorities do change .but if there are two profiles then Would u go for uniformed field police job or civil job where down the years you can better manage your family?
    Me. Sir i would go for uniformed field job. Because if i enter into the service then i wouldn’t like to work from back seat..i do not look for a comfort zone..i would accept the challenge and that is why i am leaving my present job.
    Q. You have seen the policing of Delhi NCR and Kolkata..two big metropolis..do u find any Differences in policing of Delhi NCR and Kolkata Me: Mentioned about the differences from my personal experiences. During my stay there i used to me very afraid of going outside the campus..some of the incidents happened which are still vivid in my memory,policing in western Up is not that efficient from women safely perspective as compared to Kolkata
    Q. Is it because of the cultural differences?
    Me. Culture plays a part but definitely major credit goes to the police administration of Kolkata
    Q.can you be more specific about the steps? Me. Sir here in Kolkata i do find more PCR mobile vans. Police is trying to reach people to make us aware about our rights. I find this kind of citizen centric approach is absent is NCR and there is a gap between police and citizen
    Q. I would like to add one more point here that not a single crime goes unreported here. And we must be very proud of that.
    Me. Yes sir i do agree with you and we are very proud of this fact.
    3rd board member: Q. Do you know about 73rd and 74th constitutional amendments?
    Me: yes. 73rd amendment is regarding providing constitutional status to panchayati raj institutions and 74th amendment is regarding providing constitutional status to municipalities
    Q. What was the necessity?
    Me: explaned about the necessity..empowering PRIs, financial autonomy, people’s participation and democratic decentralization taxation powers, irregular elections and corruption
    Q. No but here in WB we always had regular elections..yes ofcourse corruption issue was there
    Me: yes sir WB was one amoung few states that implemented PRIs even before the constitutional amendments but other problems existed like important subjects were there without sufficient powers.
    Q.you know about audit in every govt department..but What is social audit?
    Me: sir social audit is from people and community point of view. In every department beneficiaries and community come forward and they give the rating about what was expected and what was achieved.
    Q.Which company first invented mouse?
    Me: I couldn’t say. Chairman asked the 4th member if he had any questions. No questions Okay thank you Shatarupa.
    Her feedback of Mock Interview: Mentors in mock interview prepared us with opinion based questions which helped me lot since my interview was mostly opinion based. Soumya sir specifically asked me to read about PRIs and 3 questions directly came from that topic. I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful to the entite team.. Some of the questions asked to me in real interview were exactly same as that was asked to me in mock interview. For example: why do you frequently change your job?
    Her Online Interview Link:https://youtu.be/bx8Gc8xWlNw

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    Thank you
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