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    Posted on April 11th, 2018 in Interview

     Pre-interview preparations

    Most commonly known as Personality test. An Interview is intended to evaluate the mental caliber of a candidate. In W.B.C.S Examination, interview is not intended to be a test either of the specialized or general knowledge of the candidate, which has been already tested through written papers. This is a very important part of W.B.C.S Examination syllabus and fetching good marks in an interview is not as easy as it may sound.Candidates are expected to have taken an intelligent interest not only in their special subjects of academic study but also in the events which are happening around them both within and outside their own state or country as well as in modern currents of thought and in new discoveries which should rouse the curiosity of all well-educated youth.Continue Reading Pre-interview preparations For WBCS.

    • Read your resume in detail.
    • Remember General knowledge questions
    • Questions about your hobby ,  extra-curricular activity and your place
    • Your friends, family, school, college, Any recent incident related with your hobby, extra-curricular activity etc.
    • Remember your  education, achievements ,work, and try to arrange it in chronological order.
    • Iron your interview dress, neck tie and polish your formal shoes and carry handkerchief with you.
    • Don’t carry your mobile, wallet, wrist watch, any sacred threads, don’t fold cuffs, tuck in shirt and make sure your look as gentleman.  Use washed socks.
    • Do carry pen and blank sheet in your pocket.
    • Before going for interview take sufficient water, go for washroom and tell to yourself. You are going to get selected as you are going to speak only true things and you deserve this post as per your performance.Also read,Do’s and Don’ts during an interview.

    Some of the negative experience that you can face:

    1. One of the panel member doesn’t ask you any question and behaves as if you’re not in the room. (Important: Even if a member doesn’t ask question, you should maintain eye contact with all members in the entire panel. Don’t make it one-on-one conversation. keep looking and addressing everyone in the room.)
    2. He asks you question but he doesn’t look at you. He just keep looking in his file / mobile / tablet / laptop, as if you don’t exist in the room. (You still need to maintain eye contact with all.)
    3. Panel seems to more keen to drinking their tea, gossiping among each other etc. rather than conducting interview. (in this case, don’t worry.)
    4. One of the member even leaves the room during interview. (in this case, don’t worry.)
    5. They rudely keep interrupting you “No No your answer is wrong. You know nothing. You’re not serious about this career….…..” and so on.
    6. They make direct derogatory remarks about your home-state or graduation or both.
    7. They keep asking tough followup questions, with obvious intent to confuse and ridicule you more.
    8. Even if you give a seemingly right answer, he says “you’re wrong, you know nothing.”

    Also Read, How to remain guilt free during Interview.


    • It will be conversation with purpose.
    • They will try to search Power of expression.
    • Initiative, drive, tact, alertness, self confidence, sense of responsibility , quality of critical appreciation, clear and logical exposition, balanced judgment, ability for social cohesion , leadership qualities, moral integrity, social adaptability,
    • He will look some officers like qualities within you.
    • Planning and organization.
    • Adapatabilty, co-operation, responsibility,
    • Social effectiveness:-
    • Initiative, self confidence, decision making power, influencing to team, happy nature, resoursefullness,
    • Dynamicism:-
    • Courage, enthusiasm , stamina, determination.
    • He and his team checked you about this qualities on ground and on paper now he will check these qualities when he will interview you.

    Interview with Afroz Alam,Rank 8-WBCS 2013 , is available here.


    • Keep in mind that they need two way process in this conversation. As you will enter interview room they will welcome you with bright smile and sometimes with shake hand,so give them a very good response.
    • Don’t seat without taking permission and even don’t stand in front of chair.  Try to stand near to the chair . After getting permission thank them with good gestures.
    • Non-verbal language is an important part of any interview. Often decisions about you are made in seconds, sometimes before you even have a chance to speak. Since body language is such an important part of communication, it’s important to be aware of it during a job interview. Positive body language can put people at ease and make them feel comfortable around you. This is the best position to be in for your interview and will give you a competitive edge.

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