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  • Do’s and Don’ts During Interview-How To Maintain A Proper Body Posture
    Posted on April 11th, 2018 in Interview

    Do’s and Don’ts During Interview-How To Maintain A Proper Body Posture

    Most commonly known as Personality test. An Interview is intended to evaluate the mental caliber of a candidate. In W.B.C.S Examination, interview is not intended to be a test either of the specialized or general knowledge of the candidate, which has been already tested through written papers. This is a very important part of W.B.C.S Examination syllabus and fetching good marks in an interview is not as easy as it may sound.Candidates are expected to have taken an intelligent interest not only in their special subjects of academic study but also in the events which are happening around them both within and outside their own state or country as well as in modern currents of thought and in new discoveries which should rouse the curiosity of all well-educated youth.Continue Reading Do’s and Don’ts During Interview-How To Maintain A Proper Body Posture.

    Before the interview

    • For interview make sure you are in formal attire and well dressed. Don’t ask anybody anything like tie, shoe make sure you carry your own. it makes very bad impression when you both have interview at a same time.
    • Don’t give anything to any other person because it may lead to unwanted frustration for you in peak hours of your golden chance and may disturb your attitude.
    • Try to be smart and well equipped.
    • While going for interview make sure you are wearing chest number and it is properly tied.
    • While waiting for your interview don’t talk with peoples waiting there.
    • It can cause nervous feelings within you because nobody knows what he is going to ask and what are correct response
    • And please don’t talk to persons who are coming after finishing their interviews. It may lead to difficult situation to you as well as the person.Also read, Pre-Interview preparations.

    Sitting Posture During Interview

    • Your posture reflects your energy, as well as your interest level, enthusiasm and self control. When standing or sitting, do so with a straight back and squared shoulders. Slouching will give the impression you have a negative attitude.
    • When sitting, put both feet on the floor and lean slightly forwards. Leaning back in your chair will give the impression you are comfortable and may be appropriate towards the middle or end of the interview.
    • Sitting on the edge of your chair will give the impression that you are tense and that you feel uncomfortable, so you should avoid sitting too far forward.


    • Keep your hands out of your pockets at all times during the interview. Hidden hands often indicate you have something to hide.
    • Beware of over-using hand gestures. It can be highly distracting and take away from what you are saying. Watch your interviewer. If he or she is using hand gestures, you may as well.
    • If you are prone to talk with your hands excessively, practice answering a few basic interview questions at home, before your interview, in front of the mirror to get an idea of how you look and what is appropriate.
    • During an interview, avoid folding your arms because it can be interpreted as a defensive move. Instead, fold your hands loosely on your lap or place your arms on the arm rests, if your chair has them.To Read about the Interview with Mr. Abhishek Basu,Rank-4, 2014, click here.


    • It’s very important to make eye contact. However, make sure it is natural eye contact and not staring. If you feel uncomfortable maintaining eye-contact for this length of time, try looking at your interviewer’s nose. A smile while maintaining eye-contact is sometimes the difference between a positive body language message and staring.
    • If you feel your eye-contact is becoming staring, it is ok to take periodic breaks, but don’t look down. This might indicate you don’t believe what you are saying and give connotations of submissiveness.

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