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    Posted on February 19th, 2024 in Exam Details (QP Included)

    WBCS Exam Frequently Asked Questions



    1. What is the syllabus of WBCS Exam?

    Ans. As per notification of 2023, syllabus of WBCS (Exe.) Etc. Exam is available here: https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/knowledge-and-download/syllabus-wbcs-exam/

    2. What is the Qualification needed for WBCS Exam?

    Ans. Educational qualification needed is graduation, please see the details here  https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/required-minimum-educational-qualifications-for-w-b-c-s-examination/

    3. What are the age criteria for WBCS Exam and is there any age relaxation for this?

    Ans. Yes, the age criteria and relaxation due to reservations are available here: https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/required-minimum-age-for-w-b-c-s-examination-and-relaxation-of-age/

    4. Generally how many vacancies are there in WBCS Exam every year?  Is there any reservation of vacancies in WBCS Exam?

    Ans: Vacancies depend upon the Govt. and there are reservations too. Please go to https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/vacancies-and-reservation-of-vacancies-in-w-b-c-s-examination-latest-notification/ to know more about it.

    5. Is knowledge of Bengali Language must in WBCS Exam?

    Ans. Yes, for those who do not have Nepali as mother tongue, has to speak, write and read in Bengali language and it is tested at the time of interview, failing which the candidate will be disqualified. Please go to https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/west-bengal-civil-service-wbcs-examination-whether-ability-to-read-write-speak-in-bengali-a-must/

    6. Why I should appear for WBCS Examination?

    Ans. There are many reasons for it. Visit: https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/why-you-want-to-be-a-w-b-c-s-or-w-b-p-s-or-w-b-r-s-officer/

    7. Please give me a glimpse of various services and posts of WBCS Exam.

    Ans. Sure, here it is : https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/groups-services-wbcs-exam-group-b-c-d/

    8. What is the difference between WBCS Exam and other competitive Exams?

    Ans. There is a lot of differences. For details go to : https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/why-competitive-exam-like-wbcs-is-different-from-other-graduation-exams/

    9. How much mental strength and will power is needed to clear this exam?

    Ans. This exam is all about will power and mental strength, as is required to be a good officer. More at this link : https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/how-to-be-mentally-tough-to-become-a-w-b-c-s-officer/


    10. Why us? Why WBCS MADE EASY?

    Ans. Yes, it is us who only provided guidance for WBCS Examination only, and for no other exam. Visit: https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/why-us-why-only-wbcs-made-easy/

    11. What kind of solution you provide for WBCS Exam?

    Ans. Wide range of solutions we provide, at any point of his or her preparation. More at :  https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/solution-to-wbcs-examination-what-we-provide-to-students-at-wbcs-made-easy/.

    12. What could be the best strategy to clear WBCS Exam?

    Ans. There is a generalised strategy and also an individualised strategy. See details at this link: https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/category/strategy-about-the-wbcs-exe-etc-exams/

    13. How do one choose his or her optional subject in Group A and B.

    Ans. It is a very tricky issue and a candidate has to take an informed decision on this aspect. Please visit https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/how-to-choose-optional-subject-for-wbcs-main-exam-ranking-optionals-wbcs-2012-main-exam-score-wise/

    14. What infrastructure you have.

    Ans. We have a quite good infrastructure for this exam. Details may be provided at https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/how-to-choose-optional-subject-for-wbcs-main-exam-ranking-optionals-wbcs-2012-main-exam-score-wise/

    15. Why Mock Test are very important as well as mock interview?

    Ans. Mock tests are very important. Visit https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/how-to-choose-optional-subject-for-wbcs-main-exam-ranking-optionals-wbcs-2012-main-exam-score-wise/ for details.

    16. When is your next Classroom batch is starting?

    Ans. WBCS Foundation Classroom batch is starting g soon. Details advertisement is available at https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/courses/wbcs-prelims-mains-interview-foundation-course/

    16. When is your next Online batch is starting?

    Ans. WBCS Foundation Live, Both Way Interactive Online  batch is starting soon. Details advertisement is available at https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/wbcs-online-prelims-mains-interview-foundation-course/

    17.  Is there any classroom or online mock test facility, are answers and solutions provided?

    Ans. Yes, we have both classroom and online facility for both preliminary and main exam including 8 optional subjects. Please visit the following links:

    Please click on the links below.

    Prelims: https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/courses/wbcs-mock-test-series-preliminary-examination/

    Mains: https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/courses/wbcs-mock-test-mains-compulsory-optional/

    WBCS Preliminary Exam Sample Question Paper https://bit.ly/WBCSPrelimsSampleQuestionPapper

    How we conduct mock test and check copies of prelims, mains and optionals. Please check the links.

    18. Is there any interview grooming class or mock interview conducted by you?

    Ans. Personality test is very important for WBCS Exam, in every stages, specially A and B. We conduct proper grooming and mock classes and mock interview after the result. Please follow this link, https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/courses/wbcs-personality-test-interview-preparation/

    19. Where I can get previous year’s question of WBCS Examination, Prelims, mains GS and Optionals?

    Ans. Previous years question papers are available at : https://www.wbcsmadeeasy.in/knowledge-and-download/question-papers/

    20. Can I talk to any WBCS Group A officers or fix an appointment with them free of cost for discussing my problem of preparation?

    Ans. Yes, you can very much contact any of our mentor Sirs free of cost.

    You can call our toll free no 18005729282 and follow the menu items and talk.

    Alternatively , you can schedule meeting / appointments with a WBCS Gr A Officer /mentor through this link: https://bit.ly/m/wbcs-made-easy

    21. Can I talk to any topper of WBCS exam who has passed from your institute?

    Ans. Yes you can, we arrange many seminars with WBCS Toppers, you can talk to them directly but we are unable to provide you their personal phone numbers due to obvious reasons.

    22. Where are you presently located?

    Ans. We have classroom coaching at College Street (Kolkata), Siliguri, Medinipur & Online and have Mock test centers at Bankura, Coochbehar & Malda.

    23. Is there any instalment facility provided by you?

    Ans.  Yes, we do provide instalment facility for needy candidates. One can contact office for that at 8274048710 and other phone numbers.

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